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I went into Bios to reset the boot and there was no option of HD for
me to choose from.  So what do I do now.  It was working and then my
daughter got onto it and said it just stopped.  How do I retrieve the
HD back in order to make it my boot choice?  But before all this mess
started I had Window XP professional on there and when I went to
start my book I recieved and error message that it wasn't there Is
there a problem with my harddrive?

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On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 19:30:59 GMT,
deborahsla@yahoo-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (deborahsla) wrote:

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Probably. Sounds like your Hard Drive died. Its not being detected by
your system so its trying to find something else to boot to.

Your best bet is to going into bios where the screen is where it lists
the floppy and hard drives and cd/dvdsoms drives etc and try
autodetecting it. Obviously the odds are its not going to if it cant
find them at bootup time.

If its not listed there and it cant autodetect then unless you had
something unusual like your cables failing etc which is really
unlikely then your HD is probably dead.

Youll have to buy another one and reinstall everything.

The other alternative you see your HD listed on the screen that lists
all the drives --- then you go into the other screen where you set the
bootup priority and choose your HD.

IF you dont see your HD you have to open it up and take a look inside
and see if the cables are OK.  Cables never just fall off so the odds
are pretty slim its the cables. More than likely your HD died but you
never know.

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