Office Depot bait and switch

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Office Depot advertises this week in their Sunday newspaper suppliment, on the
front page, a laptop for $279.99.  Price good until 8/05/06.

This ad is deceptive in that there is a $70 hidden fee.  It states in the
fineprint that shipping and handling are additional, but the amount is not
given.  And that while the item must be ordered instore, it is available by
delivery only.

It mis-states that one can save $480 with the discounts offered.  That is
plainly untrue; the savings cannot be more than $410.

The ad plainly states that the base configuration price is $279.99.  The
local store manager explained that most of the $70 was for configuration,
which in fact is not even required.

This ad is designed to draw people to the local store, only at which time
they are told of the 25% add-on.

This is a level of deception I have not seen from Office Depot until recently.
I will no longer do business with them as they have wasted my time, gas and


Re: Office Depot bait and switch

I have run into the same thing twice in the last year although not with
Office Depot. 1st time was at Rooms to Go I was buying $2000 worth of
furniture and when they rang it all up there was a $75 delivery fee. I said
I did not need delivery as I have a pickup and will come get it. They said I
can not do that as they were only a showroom and all the warehouses were in
Atlanta and the only way I could avoid the fee was to drive to Atlanta and
pick them up. Well after some complaining and talking to the manager I got
my furninture discounted $75 and basically ended up with free delivery. The
second time this happened was at Home Depot where I was looking at a Washer
and Dryer and not a cheap one they had $50 for delivery in my total and I
said I would not pay it as I was prepared to take it with me. They said they
could have them sent to the store or my house but either way I would have to
pay the $50 delivery. I again complained to the manager. I even said to him
"OK the price on the Washer is $900 the price on the Dryer is $700 that
$1600. Are you telling me there is no way I can purchase these two items
from Home Depot for $1600 plus tax." I was told that was the policy and they
could do nothing. I bought a washer and dryer elsewhere.
    So this practice is obviously becoming more common and I have no doubt
it cost Home Depot $50 or so to get a washer and Dryer to the store or my
house infact maybe more than that. I just also take issue with that not
being stated in the price. If there is no way I can atain that W&D from HD
for $1600 than that is not the price. The price is $1650 picked up at the
store or delivered for free.
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