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Is it correct (informed to me by dealer) that an oem mouse (Microsoft
Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000) can be installed on only one pc? If true,
what prevents the mouse from working on pc number two, three etc.?


Re: oem hardware?

False.  The dealer lied.  Microsoft software that is OEM can only be
installed on one computer, but their hardware that is OEM can be installed
anywhere anytime.


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Re: oem hardware?

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 19:37:47 +0100, "kiakri"

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Microsoft IS Microsoft, it's entirely possible they could
whip up a EULA stipulating that an OEM piece of hardware is
bound to the original system it is used on.

Naturally there's no way they're going to know one way or
the other, and since there's no activation process for a
mouse (even if you bothered to install their Intellipoint
software or other mouse driver), there's no way they'd be
able to prevent use on another system.

We don't know that this is the case though, the dealer
might've simply been wrong.  Ask to see a copy of the EULA
for confirmation, or at least the warranty statement.  You
can't legally be bound to a EULA that are you aren't allow
to even see until after having made a purchase, unless you
are then granted a full refund of the purchase price should
you refuse that EULA... and this even after opening the
package if that is necessary to read the EULA, but before
doing that you should be sure to ask the seller if another
copy of the EULA is available and that they are required you
be able to review and agree before being financially

A more significant limitation with an OEM mouse is that if
it breaks, you may have trouble getting it RMA replaced.  It
may have a lesser warranty, or only whatever warranty the
seller stipulates.  If there were a problem later then you
are at the seller's mercy to make good on that warranty as
MS may not provide remedy to them either.

Re: oem hardware?

kiakri wrote:
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Yeah, what DaveW said.  Why do you suppose the dealer was making up such
horseshit?  Did he/she just not know what they're talking about, or were
they trying to sell you another mouse?

In practical terms, what "OEM" means for hardware is that you'll have to
go to whomever (whoever?) sold you the mouse for warranty/support
instead of the actual manufacturer.

Re: oem hardware?


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She actually sounded serious/compentent in her response to some other
questions, which threw me off. I couldn't see how it was possible, though,
unless Microsoft had come up with a way to lock the mouse during first
installment through some kind of chip/software interaction. But I guess
that's sort of beyond the scope for a 30-dollar mouse.

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