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I am hoping this might sound familiar to somebody.

In the last couple days, my computer has started to beep. It seems
random to me. It has been while working in netscape and mozilla. Most
often when i am using the mouse on the scroll bar at the right of the
screen. But sometimes it happens when I am not clicking the mouse at

One beep at a time. Sometimes it happens more than once in a minute.
Or it could go an hour or more with no beeps.

So far, it hasn't happened in any other programs. I have not installed
any new software or hardware for at least a  month.

The sound is not coming from the speakers. I have the voilume muted.
It sounds like it is coming from the bottom of my computer tower. I
have no idea what what would be beeping in there.

My computer is a P4, 2.4 GHz system with 2 GB of Ram. Windows XP. I've
had it for over a year. The beep started a couple days ago and is
getting more frequent.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: odd random beeping

friesian@zoocrewphoto.com wrote:
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You could access the windows XP Event Viewer (through Control Panel |
Administrative Tools) to see if the OS is logging the problem.

Also try opening the CMOS setting screens and seeing if the fan speeds
and temperatures rise after the system operates for a while, although
displaying the CMOS screens might not load the CPU and/or Graphics
processor very heavily.

Obtain and utilize a monitoring application to check the various CPU,
GPU and hard drive temperatures. Some motherboard and system
manufacturers install them on the computer, have them available on
installation media or make the monitoring applications available as
downloads in the support section of their web site. If the
motherboard/computer manufacturer doesn't provide an application do a
search for one (some people recommend Speedfan
http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php )

If you're comfortable opening your computer take the side off and make
sure the various case ventilation and chip cooling fans are operating.
Don't forget to check the graphics card if the system is equipped with
one. Also check for dust accumulations, as dust may impede cooling. Make
sure you turn the power supply switch (the on ON the power supply, not
the one on the front or top panel) and maintain a ground to the cabinet
to make sure you don't zap something with static electricity if you
clean the interior of the computer out. Vaccume cleaners may develop a
static charge, especially if the humidity is low. Some compressed air
cans might get cold and be plagued with nozzle icing if you don't pause
frequently while using them.


Re: odd random beeping

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I just checked these. They do list some errors, but only 2 times
today, and it has beeped at least 30 times since midnight.

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I have 3 fans, and they are all running right now. I will check again

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I will try cleaning it out this afternoon. I have to take it outside
to use compressed air. Too much dust in the air really sets off my

I do think it is software related. It only happens when I am working
within netscape or mozilla. Never when I have my email or photoshop as
the open window. A couple times, I have not been clicking the mouse.
But probably 90% when clicking or dragging the mouse. The other times
just after clicking it. It is a standard lazer mouse with usb cord. I
have it plugged in via card that added 5 usb ports. Could that cause
the computer to beep?

I did also remember that my nephew had his garmin hooked up last week
to upload some music to it. And I did have trouble shutting it down a
few days ago. It wouldn't shut down all the way, so I used the button
on the front. It didn't seem to have any problems when I started it
again later. But I thought I would mention it in case it might be

Re: odd random beeping

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I agree it might be worth cleaning out the dust and reseating everything at
least once, with the power plug removed...

Using a system restore point prior to the garmin being attached (if one
still exists) to the computer might be worth a try.  I've gotten out of many
problems using a restore point.

If all else fails I power up the Acronis True Image program and do a restore
using one of my regularly scheduled backup images.

Re: odd random beeping

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 01:56:15 -0700 (PDT),

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If you have a different keyboard try it, I'm wondering if
the keyboard is failing, some button is registering as
depressed and filling up the buffer which causes a
beep-on-error event.  If not that, then some other software
error though I don't know a complete list of all types of
errors that could produce the board beep.

Re: odd random beeping

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I don't have a spare keyboard, but I will give it a good clean job. It
does sound like when I have had a button held down. I do eat next to
the computer, and I have a cat who likes to walk across the keyboard.
So, maybe there are crumbs or cat hair  causing a problem. It has been
awhile since I have cleaned it.

Re: odd random beeping

I believe it is my mouse. I cleaned the keyboard. Still beeped. So, I
unplugged it. Still beeped.

I added my wireless mouse that I use with my laptop. Still beeped.
Unplugged the old mouse. No beeps yet.

So, it looks like an easy fix. I'll keep using this one and give it a
day. If it doesn't beep again, I'll buy a new mouse for the desktop.

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