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I have an IBM PS/2 that I keep mainly for nostalgic reasons...
but does serve well as a backup machine.

I have used it from time to time with a modem...
but had always wanted to get an eithernet card for it...
but since it's MCA...the pickings are rather slim.

Well a month ago...someone who knows I'm into old junk...told me he'd drop
off a box of used parts when he had a chance.

Today when i got home from work...there was a nice box of junk on my
including a *new* in the box MCA eithenet card.

I put it in the PS/2 and it worked!

When I got the machine back in 1999...it had a tolken ring card in it.

Re: Obsolete Computer

philo wrote:
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That's a good piece of luck.  I just wanted to warn you that if you get
a PC with a tolkien ring in it, you should leave it lay.

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well I was lucky since the eithernet card came with the setup floppy
so I was able to remove the tolken ring and assign the eithernet card in the
IBM setup menu.

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I used to have a PS2 386sx I was so proud to have a real IBM - ha. I
remember at the time clones just seemed like cheapo bad imitations
compared to the rock solid IBM. Now when I look back its maddening to
think of how IBM controlled the mkt then and there were long delays
for everything and incredibly high prices. I think my PC was around
2000-3000 and it wasnt all that hot. When I first got it there wasnt
even one official optional HD. Six months later there was a kind of
semi-official optional third party HD I bought for an incredibly high
price  which added a tiny bit more capacity. It reminds me of Apple.

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even though i did buy a ti-99 back in 1982 or so...
when i got rid of it...i never had a computer again until 1999,
when my g.f. gave me here old packard bell p-1
but soon after that i was given a donated ps/2 486 to fool with...
even though i did end up giving it away a few times...
it always caem back after my friends upgraded.

that thing is really built well...
it's scsi and though it's just a 486-33
it performs almost was well as a p-1...
at least it runs win95 very well!

it must have cost a fortune when new!

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