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Are these NVIDIA GeForce 7050 PV strong enought to handle newer 3D-games? or
is it better to spend more money on seperate graphics?

Re: nvidia onboard graphics

info@wurstkonverter.de wrote:
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The 7050 PV has the same graphics clock as a 6150.


Some 3DMark numbers for built-in graphics are listed here.
In 3DMark2001SE, they're getting 5000-6000 points for the 6150 family.
My current video card gets 18000 points, and it is barely enough
for gaming. A good high end graphics setup gets 89000 points. That
is a factor of 15 ratio between those built-in graphics and
using graphics cards. Any demanding games, are going to be
designed for that 89000 point setup, leaving built-in graphics
as a slide show. Maybe it is good enough to play The SIMs.


Another comparison here, where a 7050 is compared to a 6150.


On a chart here, motherboard graphics would be at the very bottom of the chart.



Re: nvidia onboard graphics

They are not powerful enough.  You need a separate graphics card.

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Re: nvidia onboard graphics


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No onboard graphics will be fast enough to handle gaming
because it would take up too much silicon, cost too much, be
too hot-running, and require a much faster memory bus.
There won't be significant effort to improve this either
because it's just a trickle-down effect, since integrated
video is always cheaper than an add-on card, that's not
where the profit lies unless it's just a coincidence that a
particular platform is used to build the most common low-end
systems (like with the Intel Extreme graphics, which are
even slower than 7050 but by default the Intel name gets
them sales).

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