Nvidia is driving me nuts

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Thought it had gone away, but it appeared again. When I cold boot, I see this
nasty message:


If I reboot, it's gone, the same if I boot again after I shut down a few minutes

It couldn't be the power supply, and I see that lots of people get bugged by
this message.

For example, take a look at these:

http://harkal.sylphis3d.com/2007/09/26/my-nvidia-7600-runs-with-a-carburetor /

According to others, it might be registry related, or just dust collecting into
the agp slot.

I have a suspicion it might just be buggy programming or bad circuit design, but
I have been thinking about getting the card back, or even throwing it away and
buying another card.

However, I fear the next (nvidia) card will exhibit the same strange behaviour.
doesn't seem to collect many votes on quality AFAIK, so what do you suggest?

Re: Nvidia is driving me nuts

Rookie wrote:
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There is a thread here. Near the end of the thread, they mention a new driver
is a potential fix.


A combination of buggy programming AND bad circuit design would be a
likely explanation. If the problem has a timing element to it, like
how long it takes the power supply rails to reach full voltage, then
you might blame the power supply for it. But good software/driver code
should be rechecking the circuit state, after the problem is detected,
to make sure the problem is really there.

And who knows, maybe the software people got fed up, and just
disabled the Sentinel :-)


Re: Nvidia is driving me nuts

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks, that clear up the phenomenon :)

Re: Nvidia is driving me nuts

Rookie wrote:

question is what driver are you using and what motherboard are you using and
power supply. it seems that your motherboard is old as you are using a agp
slot. are there any computer stores that could test your card and how old
is your pc.

Re: Nvidia is driving me nuts

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I recently bought a corsair TX 620 and the problem persisted. As Paul
mentioned, that link he gave was very helpful.

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