nvidia firewall - nforce4 mother board

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Do any of you have experience using (or trying to use) the built in nvidia
firewall on the nforce4 motherboard (which is supposed to be in hardware for
the most part) ?

Do you recommend it or not ? (Any installation or software troubles or good
sources of info ?)

I like "Kerio" a lot - the only reason I would switch is to increase the
processing power by letting the built in firewall handle things instead of
the processor.

It seems the firewall and rules can only be adjusted by the administrator of
the PC, not by other people that are "authorized" by the administrator.

The interface is not intuitive and the "manuals" and help files are not

I think it also made Internet explorer crash some times and I found many
comments on the web that said the firewall had flaws even though I'm not
sure if it is just a pain for mortals to setup or oif it doesn't work at

I haven't downloaded any later versions of the firewall yet, just installed
from CD  ..

BTW I have a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI motherboard

Re: nvidia firewall - nforce4 mother board

I have the no frills version ASUS A8N-SLI board. The original nVidia
firewall on the ASUS installation CD was ridiculously difficult to
configure. It kept me from downloading the weekly program guide from
Gemstar for my ATI AIW TV card.

I just installed nvidia's latest drivers
(nForce4_amd_6.66_winxp2k_international.exe) The configuration is much
better. Windows XP security centre recognizes it and warns you to have
only one firewall active. Like ZoneAlarm, it intercepts outgoing
traffic, identifies the application and asks if you wish to allow it.

Unfortunately, it crashes my computer whenever I try to access the
Internet. Total blue screen of death. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm going to try using the nVidia drivers posted on the ASUS site. Let
you know how this works.

Also, the other nVidia Drivers seem to think my hard drive is removable
and drops a "Safe to Remove" icon in my task tray.

Maxx Taxx wrote:
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Re: nvidia firewall - nforce4 mother board

OOPS - What I thought was a bug is actually a feature!  From ASUS FAQS
at http://support.asus.com/faq/faq.aspx?SLanguage=en-us

Why is there a "safely remove hardware" icon at right-hand side of
taskbar after I installed nForce Chipset Driver in Windows2000/XP? My
hard disk is ST380013AS.

Because Nvidia nForce4 SLI chipset can support SATA 2.0 which means
that A8N-SLI Series also support Hot-Plug. If your SATA Hard disk do
support Hot-Plug, you can Hot-Plug your hard disk like a usb storage
device. But only port SATA1/2/3/4 will support this feature.

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