NVidia driver version confusion

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I just bought a BFG 6800GS AGP video card and installed it in my PC.

As usual, I went to NVidia's website and downloaded the latest drivers...
Version 81.98 is what I got from their website today. I tried to install and
was told that it couldn't find any relevent hardware and the installation

I was confused, but I'm upgrading from an eVGA 6600GT card and thought that
there might be some confusion. So I uninstalled the NVidia drivers. I then
ran Driver Cleaner Pro in safe mode. Again, I could not install the drivers.

Now I'm browsing the BFG CD and the NVidia drivers on there are marked
version 82.12 from  December 19th. That means that the drivers on the CD are
newer than what is currently being offered from NVidia directly, right?

Does anyone know what the current version of NVidia's drivers are? Can the
files on the CD REALLY be newer than what is live on NVidias website?


Re: NVidia driver version confusion

On Sat, 25 Feb 2006 22:53:06 GMT, "Noozer"

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Occasionally nVidia does release drivers to partners earlier
than they are available on their website.  It is rare to
receive such a new CD though, often the CD is several months
old, a little older than yours is.  Since v82.12 is very
recent, I'd go ahead and use it so long as it doesn't have
same problem as the 91.98 you had tried, that it is

often when there is only a minor # increaes, it's mostly to
add support for the newer cards.  I was under the impression
this was mostly when the # after the decimal point was
changed, like 81.98 to 81.99, but we see with 81.98 that
there is only 0.02 versions left they could change since
they never release xx.xxx (three places to the right of the
decimal point) in the driver version name.  Regardless, go
ahead and use the drivers on the CD and see how it goes.

Re: NVidia driver version confusion

I have a evga geforce 6800gs and if u dont care about updating drivers
every week just stick with the ones on the cd and u will be alright
untill evga or nvidia releases newer drivers supporting 6800gs agp cards

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