nVidia 5950 vs 6600

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Hi All
Would I be right in saying that these two devices are pretty much the same
in performance? Any reason to get the newer 6600 over a better priced 5950?

Re: nVidia 5950 vs 6600

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 11:41:47 +0100, "Grumps"

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Regular 6600 or 6600GT?

The 5950 is unquestionably faster at DX8 & older games.
Cureent-gen games, not sure but the better DX9 support of
6600 should pull it ahead.  As for 6600GT, naturally it's
even faster.  I would not buy a 5950 new today, nor any
FX5xxx series card if modern gaming performance matters.  If
the budget can stretch to around $160, the 6800 (not LE or
GT, just plain 6800) is the best bang for the buck,
performance barely better than 6600GT but overclocks more

Re: nVidia 5950 vs 6600

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There's just too many damn numbers! 5950,6600,6800,LE,GT...
So a plain 6800 is the best value for money; I'll see what the UK prices are

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