nvFlash - How to change "straps"?

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I've got a BFG 7600GT PCIe video card that I'm modding the BIOS on. The card
runs well at 595/815 with the extra 4 pipelines enabled, using RivaTuner.

I've modded my BIOS for the new clock rates, but I don't see any explanation
on how to apply new straps to the card with nvFlash. This program has a
switch named "--straps=" but doesn't explain just what it expects here.

According to RivaTuner, the default straps is "73f31f0b" and the modified
straps is "73f31f0f".

Google hasn't been helpful in finding how to use this switch. Can someone
point me to a description of how to modify my videocard straps with nvFlash?


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