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Someone told me that people usually get nubs for putting into a
motherboard before placing on a flat surface.

Anyone know where to get these?


Re: nubs

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They come with your case... They're called "standoffs".

If you're just testing before installing, a couple sheets of paper will do.

Re: nubs

On 12 Aug 2006 15:09:46 -0700, wrote:

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By  having loose standoffs (err, "nubs") like this, when you
insert or remove cards it flexes the motherbaord more,
because they  aren't fixed into a backplane but instead move
around.  Result- more likely to damage the board.  There
might be rare situations such as larger mosfets mounted on
the rear of the board or a very deep heatsink mounting
backplate that results in an uneven weight distribution on
the board such that nubs could help balance that, BUT they'd
have to be the same height as that other part they're
balancing against, which usually wouldn't be the case unless
you whittled on them.  IMO, if you have that  situation it'd
be easier to just wedge a magazine or a piece of  cardboard
under the board temporarily, it's not as if it needs to run
out of a case for more than a day of testing in most

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