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I have an ntl wired only router and I have a IBM thinkpad laptop and I
want to use it wireless can someone please help me on what I need to
buy so I can plug it into the router so my laptop can connect wireless.
Also I have a PC linked through the USB on it and the only other port
available is the ethernet.

Is there something I can plug into my router using the ethernet port so
it becomes wireless.?


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Re: NTL wired only router

Wizedude wrote:
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An incremental solution, is a wireless access point. This one plugs
into a LAN port on your wired router, and broadcasts to any clients
you have, such as your laptop. Now, I checked the price on this,
and it is $73. It does have WPA/WPA2 for security, which is a good
thing, as I've read that WEP is less effective.


Considering the price, you could also look for a wireless router.
This would be like your existing router, but would have an antenna
to provide the access point function. Is the NTL device an ADSL
modem or a cable modem ? They do make devices which have ADSL, a
router with wired ports, and wireless capability, all in the same

http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=567 (about $96)
http://www.ovislink.ca/ADSL/1134ARM.htm (no idea)

Also, if the "PC linked through the USB" was always running for
some reason, you could put a wireless card in that PC, and put
the card in access point mode. Then the PC would be your source
of Internet for the laptop. But if the PC is sleeping, or powered
off, then your laptop would no longer be able to connect to the
Internet. Whether this device is PCI or USB, it could be cheaper
than the wireless router idea. This is an example of a
cheap one. As with the items above, check that it has WPA/WPA2.
This card can function as an access point or as a client.


Some info on WPA.

I think most people would opt for the ADSL2+/wireless router/with
wired ports, simply because everything you need is in one box.
It is real nice to have all the administration functions in one
place. You can spend some time, shopping for a model where
customer reviews report the web interface to it makes sense.


Re: NTL wired only router

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  My www.zoom.com  DSL X6 model 5590 fits that description
and has been working well for me.


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