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What is the maximum(safe) pressure(weight) allowed for notebook Lid
cover?(Dell vostro 1520)
I mean if notebook just stay at the table with closed Lid and if we put some
heavy item onto the Lid cover..
Didn't find, is there some info in specification?

Re: Notebook lid

Barny wrote:
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First approximation: Zero.

Banish any household member who puts something on it ,
Two days, if the item contains liquid .

Re: Notebook lid

Barny wrote:
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If you compress the layers of the LCD screen, what will happen ?
LCD isn't designed to be compressed.

At the very least, you run the risk of scratching the front
surface of the LCD, with the keys of the keyboard.


For an imaginative analysis, we could use this info:

    "20 times stronger than ABS plastic"

    "Business-rugged Toughbook laptops are compression-tested to
     withstand 220 lbs. of pressure"

That means, you can stand on a Toughbook, but if we do the
arithmetic, then 220/20 == 11 lbs for a normal notebook :-) :-)

If you stand on top of your Vostro, I expect all it will be
useful for, is standing on, in the future.


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Someone regularly put Power supply block onto a laptop cover, just to save
space on the table, after finishing work.
Power supply unit is around 1.10 lbs..  Seems it's safe enough in this case?


Re: Notebook lid

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Paul wrote:
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My rule of thumb is to not put stuff on top of laptops *but* for storage
purposes I sometimes oput them on top of each other and NEVER more than
three in a stack.

That's not to say that it's right.... I've just never had a problem with
that. Mind you I'm talking ThinkPads, the latest being made in 2007.... I
once went to put a fourth on a stack as I'm pushed for room and thought
better of it. It just seemed to be too much.


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a
monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also
into you." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Re: Notebook lid

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I don't think you leave your laptop in the safest places!!

Re: Notebook lid

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An exact pressure or weight is hard to specify because you could probably
rest a large flat object of many Kgs on the laptop and all would be well as
the mass is distributed and the delecate screen inside won't be flexed or
damaged, but anything more than a few hundred grams on just the centre of
the lid could damage the LCD panel.

I currently have 10 CDs and a pair of pliers on mine - near the edge. I
would put much more on it and I don't tend to put things in the centre of
the closed lid. If the lid starts to flex, then you have pushed it the limit
and you are probably flexing or pushing on the delecate LCD panel inside.

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