Not quite as advertised

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I bought item #190519936850 on eBay
Item description was:
512MB LOW DENSITY Memory ram 184 PIN DDR PC3200 400Mhz
What I got was...\
Which is half a 1Gb kit.
Aren't those supposed to be installed in pairs?
Or doesn't it make any difference?

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Re: Not quite as advertised

Menno Hershberger wrote:
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It doesn't make a difference. The seller has sold you
a 512MB stick.

A kit of two, is matched for the purpose of using the
product in a dual channel motherboard. But nothing prevents
you from using the sticks, individually, in two different

By low density, my guess is the module has 16 chips on it.
That's how they used to make 512MB DIMMs. Later on, they
started using larger capacity chips, and then the DIMMs ended
up single sided with 8 chips.


Re: Not quite as advertised

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I kind os suspected it was OK. I got what I paid for but it kind of
bothered me when I looked at the sticker. And if you run that number
(KVR400X64C3AK2/1G) in a search it comes up as a matched pair.

I just bought it for stock, but I just wanted to be sure I could treat it
like a single 512.


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