Normal operating temperature for a Celeron 850?

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What's the normal operating temperature for a Celeron 850 just browsing the
net? I wonder if mine's thermal paste is not due, after 7 years.

Re: Normal operating temperature for a Celeron 850?

On Thu, 01 Jan 2009 09:51:58 -0500, Priam

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There isn't really a normal temp, as it would vary based on
the heatsink installed, fan RPM, case cooling, room ambient
temp, even minor variations in the voltage the motherboard

Since a Celeron 850 is an open flipchip design with a small
surface area contact to the heatsink, it would be good to
reapply thermal compound every few years if you used
silicone grease instead of synthetic grease or the original
thermal interface material that comes on the retail packaged

I'll give a temperature range anyway.   At idle if the OS is
using power management to HALT it, it would normally be
within 15 degrees of the room ambient temp (assuming fair
case cooling).  At full load it would be under 50C, or less
than 30C warmer than the room temp if it has the stock
retail Celeron 850 heatsink on it and no dust buildup.

Ultimately it is the maximum temp you should be concerned
about, it is usually a sign of a problem if it gets above
70C but lower than that is typical and easy to attain.  

Browsing the 'net is a variable load depending on animated
flash ads, scripts, etc.  It could vary a lot but in the
typical, average system of that era and with a normal
temperature controlled room, I'd expect around 36C.

At the age of this system it is more likely you would have a
motherboard, PSU, drive or fan failure than one from CPU

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