Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

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The other day I thought my intermittant shut down problem
may have just been a loose line cord...
but it turned out that that was not the case.
I replaced the PSU with a new one a few days back and the machine has not
shut down since...
however, running tests on the PSU that I pulled...I could not get it to
so the jury is still out.

Anyway since I don't trust it, I built a new machine.

My "open box" mobo that I picked up from NewEgg cheap
turned out to be pretty decent.

I now have an X2 AMD-3800+ machine built into an old Gateway tower P-90

Since I had most of the parts in my junkbox...
my total cost of the machine was about $50

I built a similar machine for my GF about 2 years ago (or more) for close to
$900 !!!!

Anyway, at least in this case, the "open box" purchase was a good one.
(New Egg even had a 15 day return policy, so it was not too much of a

The only problem with the board was a dead cmos battery.
The  reason I bought the Jetway J939GT4-SLI-G
was simply because I already had the CPU and heatsink.

BTW: One of the reviewers complained the the chipset fan was too loud.
Heck, with the CPU fan running, don't know how you could possibly hear the
tiny little fan.

The machine ran fine with Win2k but the Nvida IDE drivers crashed it...
so I went back to the Windows drivers.

Then it turned out that my one and only junkbox SATA drive
was infact junk...bad sectors...
so I decided to just move on...and installed XP_sp3 on a new junkbox drive
that checks good.

Since I can get up to three machines on my bench, while I was working on my
I also worked on another machine:

I had picked up a decommissioned Celeron 433 to work on.
It had a dead CMOS battery and had reverted to 233 mhz.
Win98 and 32 megs of RAM.
It must have been pretty slow...and I bet the user had been running it that
way for many years.

It's now upgraded to a Celeron 500, (wow)
128 megs of RAM and Puppy Linux.

I initially loaded Win2k but
the drive ran in the PIO mode no matter what I did...
even though the bios saw it as DMA-2

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

philo wrote:
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... snip much ...

Is there any point to this posting?  Lacking any quotations, or any
linkage to previous postings, it is incomprehensible to all.  There
is a reason for the quotation conventions.

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Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

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If you do not know how to use a newsreader, it's not my problem...

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

On Sat, 06 Sep 2008 18:21:41 -0400, CBFalconer thoughfully wrote:

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Sounds like the answer was the psu.  

What tests are you running on the pulled PSU?

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

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I had it hooked to another machine and just let it run...
but so far nothing has failed there .

The machine that had the problem...with the new supply has not failed yet...
so I will just run both machines for as many weeks as it takes to see if a
problem turns up.

Intermittant problems, as we all know can be pretty tough to track down!

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

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I was running the suspected bad supply on a workbench machine,
then decided to get smart and hook 5 HD's to it.
After about 2 1/2 hours, the machine shut down...
so it looks like it was a supply problem.

The machine with the original problem
has not had one glitch since I've replaced the PSU

It's going into the computer parts recycle bin!

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

On Sun, 7 Sep 2008 18:15:00 -0500, "philo"

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Might as well open it and see if you find a problem else
throw it away... my pile of junk in the basement reminds me
of this, that if it's not worth fixing soon it's probably
not worth being anywhere but the trash.

Re: Nope, it's definately not fixed LOL

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I did open it...but there was nothing obvious...
It could possibly be the thermal sensor on the heatsink...
but other than replacing bad cooling fans...I do not bother to attempt
repairs to power supplies.

When I first had the problem, I asked a guy I know on the East coast to send
me all the spare ATX
supplies he had...but since he's usually pretty slow.
I ordered one new supply, when I ordered the new mobo from NewEgg.

Yep, you guessed it...they all came on the same day...
but that's OK... my spare supply stock had  dwindled down to just a couple
of 200 watt supplies...
and now I have a dozen spares or all types!

I now plan to stop my building rampage...
the NPO that I build the machines for generally only needs about a dozen or
so a year...
and I have twice that number (or more) in my workshop!!!

Me and the GF are heading to NY for a week,
and when we get back...I'm going to get 6 machines over to the
and might possibly be able to walk through my work area without tripping
over something :)

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