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My PC won't start if it is disconnected, then reconnected, from the
power. If it's just shut down it's fine, but if I turn it off at the
wall socket or we get a power cut it won't turn on easily.
After disconnection to restart I need to hold down the on button and
"play" with the mains lead where it enters the PSU, anything between 2
and 10 minutes later it starts up as if everything was OK. I have used
different power leads so its not that.

Any ideas.

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Most likely a bad power supply.

Could be bad caps on the motherboard too.

Its obviously easier to try a new power supply first.

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Rod Speed wrote:
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No it's not, It's easier to LOOK and see if any caps are bulging or
leaking first.

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Those arent always visibly affected.

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Rod Speed wrote:
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True,  But if you gotta open up the case anyhow, you may as well have a
look inside. They are most often bulging out the top. The Top is
deliberately weakened.

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Since you've tried different power leads, check the remaining obvious
1- check the wall outlet to confirm that there's no intermittent connection.
Does it feels loose when you plug something in the outlet? This may be the
case with an older outlet. A quick check with another piece of equipment
like a simple lamp may confirm a weak connection.

2- If you are familiar with computer hardware, remove the power supply unit
from the computer. If not under warranty, remove the cover from it and
visually check the soldered connections at the back of the receptacle.
Anything broken ? You may wish to check further up to the circuit board for
bad connections but there's a probability that the main filter capacitors
may still be charged especially if there's some problem with the power
supply and/or there's no bleeding resistor across those capacitors.

keep in touch...thanks.

Montréal Québec
PS: 1000 excuses for grammatical errors or
omissions, i'm a "pure" french canadian!  :-)
(If replying also by e-mail, remove
"no spam" from the adress.)

Re: Non starter (further info)

This first ocurred soon after I bought the computer. The wall socket is
fine, and it happens if I use an alternate socket, on a different ring.
It would have been in warrantry but the company that supplied it is no
longer trading! The motherboard looks OK. I can borrow a PSU from work
and I'm happy to swap it. (My last computer lasted 7 years, the only
original part when I sold it was the A drive.)

Basically it's not a major problem, it's not normally disconnected from
the mains, it's just that yesterday we had a couple of (short) power
cuts and I wasted time restarting.


Re: Non starter (further info)

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original part when I sold it was the A drive.)

lol...that's what i call "major upgrades". ;-)

Keep in touch about how the new ps performs...goodbye.

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