Non-standard motherboard in a new case???

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I have a PC (desktop model) containing a Compaq motherboard, where the
interfaces for VGA, USB, sound etc. on the back side, aren't standard-placed
as in standard ATX/Micro ATX motherboards, and I want to move the
motherboard to another case.

Can I buy cases which include adapters/extension cords, so I can put my
non-standard Compaq motherboard in such a case, and attach the VGA-plug etc.
on the new case to the plugs on the motherboard?


Re: Non-standard motherboard in a new case???

On Tue, 06 Dec 2005 19:27:19 +0100, abe wrote:

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it's all proprietary so you will have to keep it as it is

of course you can always use the sawzall method

see pix on left

Re: Non-standard motherboard in a new case???

No, it will not work with motherboards which MUST meet the ATX design


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Re: Non-standard motherboard in a new case???

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The best you could hope for is that your AT-style motherboard will fit
inside an AT-style case (i.e., stop focusing on ATX cases and look at AT
cases).  However, Compaq is known for not following physical standards and
their motherboard probably won't fit anything but in their own case.

Just what were you expecting to get more by moving the mobo to a another
case?  What is it that you cannot do with the current case?  Considering it
is some ancient AT-style mobo from Compaq, why not get your wanted ATX case
and just buy a new ATX motherboard?  The case is entirely optional as you
could simply lay the mobo atop a piece of cardboard and lay out all the
components strewn across your desk with maybe a table fan blowing down on
them.  So there must be SOME reason why you think you need a new case.

Re: Non-standard motherboard in a new case???

On Tue, 6 Dec 2005 19:27:19 +0100, <abe> wrote:

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Whether that is a problem depends on exactly where they are.

If they're just arranged differently in a rectangular 2-row
grouping then see if the case has an I/O panel (approx 160mm
x 45mm) that pops out for reuse in another case.  If it
doesn't pop out you could seek a compatible I/O plate, maybe
get lucky and find one online, or have need to fabricate
one- easier than it sounds, I've used a piece of sheet
aluminum and put boards on a scanner to create a template
for drilling holes.  Easy enough if you're used to doing
similar things, harder if not.

If the ports are arrranged in one single row , wider than
the typical ~ 160mm I/O plate, it becomes more difficult
with need to modify the new case and probably unworthwhile.

Also you'll need to assess the shape and mounting of this
board, if it following the standard mounting hole pattern
for AT, ATX or mATX, or differs.  Minor differences might be
overcome by drilling holes in a motherboard tray and
securing standoffs by putting them through the new holes-
tapping the holes for the softer brass standoffs if you have
the option (ability and thickness of motherboard tray metal)
or use matching nuts on the other side of the tray to secure
the board standoffs.  Careful measurements would be

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I don't recall anything made like that, maybe an industrial
PC that provides these parts to isolate the board from the
environment but these are likely to be quite costly, large,
and industrial looking too.

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