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Hi all

I have a machine here with a MSI-6712 mainboard (VIA KT400 Chipset) with
a Socket A Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1667 MHz. It's got two fans - one
on the CPU and one in the PSU. The machine is not used because the fans
are too noisy. I'd like to make it quieter so I can use it.

Question: how can I make this PC quieter? Is there anything I can do
without having to spend money? (For example, can I risk removing the CPU
fan or will it definitely overheat?)

If I have to spend money, what do you guys recommend?

Re: Noisy PC

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Replace the noisy fan\s. Of course you can` remove the CPU fan, unless you
want to fry you
best wishes..OJ

Re: Noisy PC

IF you are willing to spend money check out I have used
theit silent cooling systems for both cooling CPU and Graphics cards.
lso check out Unfortuantely silence is not free!


Re: Noisy PC

Go to and purchase this cable
which is simple to instal and will reduce the noise but be careful as it
will also reduce thespeed of your fan.

I purchased one for my PC about a year ago and am very pleased with it,
little noise now.

You do have to be careful though because the resulting slower speed of the
fan will not supply the same level of coolness. However in my case the
difference was only neglible.


Re: Noisy PC

On Sun, 03 Jul 2005 19:00:57 +0100, John Smith

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Which XP2000 core?  T'bred or newer puts out less heat, you
have more options per same heatsink.  Either way, how how
does it get?

If it's a T'Bred instead of Palomino, you might have the
option of reducing the vcore a little.  Test with Prime95
for an hour to confirm stability.  I don't know what options
for clock or voltage are available with that board, but it
might also be possible to slightly (keeping in mind that
there's a PCI divider with KT400) lower the speed enough to
facilitate voltage drops while retaining stability.  For
example, if it wasn't stable at 1.45V but regains stability
at 1550MHz, that 7% speed reduction may never be noticed,
and perhaps not even a bottleneck for many uses.

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What's the case airflow like?  With only a power supply
exhaust, it should have/need relatively high front intake
area, and unimpeded (no stamped-in-grill) exhaust.  Even so,
that's a lot of exhausting to be done by a lone power supply
fan unless running high enough RPM to get noisey.  The ideal
may be the good intake area (already suggested) plus a rear
exhaust fan below power supply as AMD recommends.  Both at
moderate RPM- reduce speed as much as prudent with voltage
reduction- the cheapest methods being a fan adapter or
simply a 1-2W, 47-120 Ohm power resistor soldered inline on
the + power lead.

Don't remove CPU fan, but it too might be replaced or
throttled down by a resistor or fan controller- unless CPU
is already getting too hot. You might need wait on assessing
it's temp till after any case airflow/fan changes, THEN
seeing the impact of those change(s), deciding what it

Re: Noisy PC

i have never seen a computer with two fans as noisy as your claiming.  Pick
up some ball-bearing fans and you should notice an improvement.

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