noisy Coolermaster Hyper 48 ??

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I recently purchased a new motherboard: ASUS P5P800 with a 3.0 GHz PIV
processor and a Coolermaster Hyper 48 CPU cooler. This cooler, according to
the box and several reviews on the internet is supposed to be very quit
(18.5 dBA at 12V).

This is not the case, it's loud, very loud. Even louder that the standard
cooler that comes with the CPU. So, something is wrong. I tried several BIOS
settings and now i am able to get the fan to run at +- 2400 RPM (which is
still way too loud). But the box says it can run at 1400 RPM, but no matter
what i try the lowest i get is 2400 RPM. Right now the CPU runs at about 45
degrees Celsius and the CPU fan rotates at about 2400 RPM. These are my BIOS

* Q- FAN - enabled

* Q-FAN Mode - DC (this is funny because the fan has 4 cables and DC mode
should be for fans with 3 cables, but this setting gives the best result)

* FAN RATIO - 60% (this is also funny, selecting AUTO makes the fan rotate
faster) but the manual that comes with the main board states the following:

"[auto] automatically selects the fan speed ratio when operating a low CPU
temperature. Select a higher ratio if you installed additional devices and
the system requires more ventilation".

Configuration options: [auto] [90%][80%][70%][60%]"

* CPU target temp - 68 degrees Celsius.

Does some body have a clue what i am doing wrong or is my motherboard or fan

thanks in advance,


Re: noisy Coolermaster Hyper 48 ??

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 14:46:01 +0100, "Jeroen"

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I don't have that 'sink, never seen one, but a brief search
turned up this review:

In it, they show a picture of a Delta .17A fan.  If it is
even remoately like every other Delta et al fan, it would
not be quiet nor rotate at sub 2000 RPM, let alone 1400, at
12V.  Unless there is some kind of further power reduciton
incorporated into the 'sink "kit" itself, their specs for it
are  puzzling, maybe just wrong?  Sadly, sometimes I wonder
if reviewers even test things rather than just repeating
what they read.... and sometimes I wonder if they ever even
had the product they review!!

Regardless, if it just wont' get quiet I suggest you get a
different fan, or return whole 'sink for refund.  Different
fan would be about same cost considering return shipping
most vendors would charge.  Panaflo L1A series might be a
good replacement, in same size as original.  Replacement L1A
would only be 2 or 3 pin, power plus RPM though.

Re: noisy Coolermaster Hyper 48 ??


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