Noise, then blue screen

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My daughter's Dell Desktop has a problem -
After it runs for a while, maybe a couple of hours, it makes a
grinding noise and then shuts itself off, and the screen goes blue.
Dell wants her to back up all data and then clean it out, and they
will help her reinstall.
Of course any apps for which she doesn't have CDs will be lost.
I think that maybe there's a fan failure, but Dell won't send anyone
out, at least until she has gone thru the procedure.
Unfortunately, the rep to whom we talk is VERY hard to understand.
Anyone else had a similar problem?

Re: Noise, then blue screen

Have you taken the cover off and looked for a fan problem, like even a cable
keeping one from spinning?  Dell may be worried it is the hard drive failing
and wants you to save your data.  I would probably, after I checked the
fans, get a new drive and reinstall to that. Then I would use the old one if
I needed to get data from it.

What do you plan on backing up the data to?

Who knows, you may just need to physically clean the dust out for better
cooling.  And also, I don't know about your warranty, but you should be able
to open the case to clean it.


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Re: Noise, then blue screen

On further thought - I'm not sure that the power shuts off. The blue
screen is, I now think, a Windows screen. I haven't seen the messages
there. I'll have to go visit again to check this.
There are a lot of blue screen "fixers" on the net. We may try one out
if it looks promising.

Re: Noise, then blue screen

Jim T. wrote:
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NO! Half are viruses, half are scams and half don't work. (there is
overlap in the halves)

Run the diagnostic software that comes with your machine (utility

Anyway, what is the model of the machine. And how is it configured?

Also, run memtest86+ to diagnose RAM.

Re: Noise, then blue screen

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Grinding noises are generated by Hardware.
`Cleaning it out`, and re-installing`, suggests Software.

If the problem is hardware, it needs locating to rectify.
The sort of noise you get from hardware is..
Sticking/seizing fans.
Faulty hard drive.

You`ve got to determine what the fault is, Before Dell
get hold of it.
If (for instance) it a hard drive fault, Dell will fit a new
drive, and re-install to original factory condition.

Your best bet is to get a new Hard drive and Clone the
original drive to it.
That way, at least, you can save all she has installed.

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