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I have a Asus k8u motherboard with integrated sound (AC87).

One fine day, last week, I stopped getting sound out of it :(

I have checked the drivers and the volume control and the default sound
device from the Sound settings in control panel. All seem good. I have not
installed any new hardware or software for over 2 months now.

Here is a kicker, RealPlayer from RealMedia gives sound just fine.
Everything else, games, winamp, itunes etc etc etc don't have sound.

I am thinking the key to my problem has something to do with how RealPlayer
accesses the sound layer compared to everything else.  but this seems really
screwed. I don't think RealPlayer is to blame either, cause I have that
installed for over a year and this started happening a week or so ago.

Re: No Sound -- Help

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you could try deleting the WDM settings in Device Manager under Sound Video
and Game Controller. Restart after delete and let the Sound card refind the

Re: No Sound -- Help

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 12:03:14 -0500, "All For Fun"

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Give examples, sound doesn't just come out, something plays
that sound file.  When you "stop getting sound", is there an
error, a pause, anything at all happening besides just lack
of sound with the player continuing as if there were?

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How about the mixer settings?  Including those that might be
hidden in an advanced configuration screen (no idea how to
get to it since I can't see your config panel software)?

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Well why have you not just uninstalled Reaplplayer to check

Try uninstalling the sound card software then driver,
installing DirectX 9c (again if you had already), rebooting,
installing the newest sound card driver then sound card
software.  At that point if no sound still, check your mixer

Is there anything showing up in Event Viewer?  

Re: No Sound -- Help -> likely a software problem

All For Fun wrote:
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Just try removing (uninstall) the sound devices in your hardware manager
(control panel -> system -> device manager) and then rebooting to let it
redetect and re-install the drivers. Since you still get sound from the
realplayer it's not likely a hardware problem though :)


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