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Re: No sound card recognised

[Re posted after some cross-posting carelessness]

Sound at last!

Never has the Windows 'Welcome' fanfare been more, er, welcome.

I removed and cleaned up the sound card as recommended, including J B
Good's indiarubber tip, and on the next reboot my sound was back.

For the curious, here's the card details:


On that same reboot the New H/W Wizard tried to install a RAID Controller.
It failed to find a driver automatically and I haven't a clue what to
offer it.

Anyway, AFAIK I don't need any RAID stuff. So I uninstalled it from Device
Manager. Can I do anything else if it insists on coming back after


I used the neat tool Everest that Paul recommended to write a (43 page!)
report on the PC as it stands. So if I have further problems I can at
least then be explicit about the specs.


Many thanks to all who helped on this latest recovery project.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

Re: No sound card recognised

Terry Pinnell wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

In Device Manager, if a device has a Details tab, and you
use the drop down menu to select "Hardware ID", you can get
info on what hardware is involved. The following example
is for my sound, which is HDAudio, and is considered to be
sitting on the "HDAudio bus". Other buses would be things
like PCI bus (which you can see in Everest).

Your picture doesn't have that, which suggests the entry isn't
a real device.

Look in Add/Remove Programs, to see if there is a RAID driver
that is there by mistake.

I looked inside the Integrated220 driver from NVidia, for
the M1535D+ Southbridge, and there is a RAID section in there.
Such software is supposed to match on VEN/DEV information (or
even a Class Code or CCxxxx value), so the software should not
install unless there is a hardware match in the INF file.

It could be some kind of "soft RAID solution" that can
latch onto any dual ribbon cable ALI chipset. If the
Integrated220 driver offers tick boxes at all (to control
what gets installed), you'd want to verify something did not
go amiss there (ticked or allowed RAID by mistake).

You can uninstall the driver, from the Device Manager panel.
Or, you can "disable the device" in there as well. So there
are some hammering options.

A yellow mark doesn't necessarily hurt anything, so you can
ignore it if you want. You have lots of options.

You can also look in setupapi.log for inspiration, in terms
of what the software thinks it is doing.

I don't know what exactly to do here - I'd start poking around,
to try to figure out how that got there.

One other place to look for junk, is Device Manager and
the View : "Hidden Devices". For example, in there, I can
see some kind of driver that makes my JTAG extension cable
for the parallel port card work. And it doesn't rate a place
in the regular Device Manager view. You can also see various
solutions that gave programs hardware access, such as finding
a copy of "giveio" that allows programs that make hardware
measurements (voltage, temp, fan RPM) to work. I can see
at least one entry in mine right now, which is yellow, and
doesn't actually belong there. But I still haven't removed it.

(Hidden Devices adds these...)

I could remove the Conexant entry from there for starters.
And the Via SATA and Via IDE don't belong there either, as
they were from the previous motherboard, before the hardware


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