no sound after freeze up during gameplay

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 I had a lock-up recently while playing Half-Life 2. I waited a few minutes
to see if the machine would snap out of it, but it didn't so I had to
perform a hard reboot, Since that time I haven't had sound on my computer. I
don't just mean in Half-Life 2, but in any application: Winamp, Windows
Media Player, etc. I checked the most obvious thing, the sound control
panel, to see if somehow the mute had been engaged, but it hadn't. I updated
the drivers, but still no sound. Then I uninstalled the drivers, and ran the
registry cleaner CCleaner. Then I reinstalled the drivers from CD, but I
still don't have sound. Has anybody had anything like this happen to them?
I'd love to hear some trouble-shooting ideas. Thanks in advance for any help
you can provide.

system info that might be relevant:

Win XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU
Asus K8V SE Deluxe mobo
Audigy 2 Platinum sound card
1 GB Micron PC3200 RAM


Re: no sound after freeze up during gameplay

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 00:03:06 -0700, "butch lovell"

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Well the obvious thing is --- do the speakers work? Does the Audigy
show up under sound in the control panel in WIN ?

If it does then do you have another soundcard laying around you can
try in the same slot?  Have you tried just taking the card out and
reseating it? Try another slot and see if its detected etc and then
try it.   I think it also has onboard sound too which you can try.
See if the card works in another system if thats an option. If its
defintely the card just RMA it and use the onboard sound until then.

Re: no sound after freeze up during gameplay

butch lovell wrote:
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Something else that might be important. If you go into the volume
control, and click the "Advanced" button under the "Play Control"
balance/volume, do you have a "Digital Output Only" checkbox?  If so,
try it in both states.

I can't say if my system is set up close enough to yours to make this an
issue, but sporadically that checkbox will become set, disabling audio
on my machine.

Re: no sound after freeze up during gameplay

It sounds, based on your obervations, that the sound card failed.  You
should try installing another sound card to see if that fixes it.


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