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I've been almost a month without sound on my computer. It started in
December when I moved my computer and installed a second CD-Rom drive.
Up to this point everything was working perfectly. I have Windows XP
SP2. My soundcard is a SoundBlaster Live! card. I got some help from
a  tech support site last month, and we tried pretty much everything
before finally coming to the conclusion that the card was bad. I've
since purchased a brand new (NOS) SoundBlaster Live! audio card which
I installed over the weekend. I still can't get any sound from my
computer! I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the latest
driver AND patch several times to no avail. I've also tried moving the
card to a different slot, but nothing seems to be working. What's
more, when I activate my onboard audio through bios IT isn't producing
any sound either. I've gone to "Device Manager" and checked the
"properties" for my hardware and drivers and it says that everything
is working properly. Here's the message that pops up when I enable or
disable my Soundblaster card:
I'm at my wits end. What else could be causing my computer to not have
any sound?

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only a thought but, move computer back and remove second CD-Rom.

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Another thought - you have totally uninstalled all sound drivers for your
on-board sound chip (in otherwords there is no software conflict with the SB
derivers) ? And disactivated it in the BIOS ?

This may help (in otherwords re-install DirectX) :

You might want to visit your best friend in this sort of situation :


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This is unbelievable. At the risk of looking like a total moron, I
thought I'd share with everyone that the problem has been fixed. I
went to my father's to see why his SoundBlaster card is working and
mine isn't. It turned out to be something really minor. His speakers
were plugged into the green jack (A), I was plugging mine into the
blue one (B) SEE PICTURE:
It never occurred to me to use the green jack because since building
this computer in January 2008, I have ALWAYS used the blue one for my
speakers! I have no idea what the hell happened, I'm just glad to
finally have sound again.

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Nice to hear some good news.
You had better to that down to `driver` error. %> ).

-- bw..

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