No fan on CPU

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I would like to put a good fan over the CPU, Right now it's has a big
like a head off a moped and a fan blows from the front case at
I have a Intel Big arm D975XBG LGA 775 2.40 Quad  [image:]
The  holes "white dot's" are threaded
All the fan's that i found have twist locks and square bolt pattern
and won't fit at all

Re: No fan on CPU

Jackcheese wrote:
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If your computer is similar to this Gateway, the motherboard is
a BTX, and the shroud and fan provide cooling for the heatsink
over the CPU. You'd need a BTX heatsink of some kind. You'd have
to disassemble the shroud and see if a conventional fan could
be screwed to the side of the heatsink body. Or, look for
a separate BTX cooling solution, and dump the shroud. You
should still have some solution in place, to move cool
air through the chassis.

I did see one liquid cooling solution for BTX, but I personally
wouldn't do that. With liquid, the risk is with the fittings,
and a year from now, you could develop a leak.


Re: No fan on CPU

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 22:55:46 -0600, Jackcheese

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Is it overheating or are you using a different case?  If
not, why change it?

I'm not quite clear on exactly what shape the top of the
'sink is per the "head off a moped" description", but in
difficult situations to mount a different fan I've either
make an adapter bracket out of aluminum with a cutout in the
middle for the fan and tabs that bend down on the sides to
screw into the heatsink fins, OR I just drilled holes in the
fins as close to the four corners of the fan as possible and
used pieces of solid-core copper wire to twist-tie them
down.  On different types of heatsinks I've also had success
using nylon wire-ties instead, or on rare occasions I've
either drilled out big holes in the base of the heatsink to
drive in threaded brass inserts through which a screw could
mount the fan, or taken similar threaded inserts or even
wallboard anchors and epoxied them into the fins of the
heatsink to hold the screws for the fan.

All of these work fairly well, so long as the fan is held
tightly so it doesn't wobble, it isn't going anywhere.  If
it'll be difficult to clean the dust out of later without
taking the fan off, I recommend one of the screw-down
methods instead of the copper wire.

If you don't have that front fan shroud another option would
be to make a fan bracket with a 90' bend in it, one side of
that screwed down to the case's metal motherboard tray next
to the motherboard and the 90' area with a cutout the fan is
mounted into so it's sitting on the side of the heatsink
blowing through it the same direction as the original case
fan plus shroud would.

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