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I use Windows 98SE , Mercury mother board ZX-98AT.

These are the problems I faced first :

- Lot of Blue screens with VXD errors, auto restarting
- Windows Protection error came once
- If boots, system might hang , no mouse movement after
some time

And then :

- No display on the monitor
- No beep sound  after POST
- HDD is working , and processor fan is working.

- Reseated the RAM cards firmly
- Reseated  video card firmly

- Once in a while , system boots and works even for an hour
and first group of symptoms might occur

Can these be because of processor ? This system uses Pentium III ,
slot-1  processor .

Thanks !


Re: No display on monitor

On 29 Jan 2006 21:32:22 -0800, wrote:

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There's your problem, in a nutshell.

Time to upgrade.  Skip XP if you like,
I wouldn't blame you.   You can still
buy Win2000, AFAIK.

rafe b

Re: No display on monitor

I wouldn't say that Windows 98SE is totally your problem.  In fact I'm using
W98SE on this old P1 200mhz/32MB RAM PC and it is very stable!

Sounds like you may have some issues with CPU temperatures.  Some of the
symptoms you describe, can be attributed to that.

I agree XP and 2000 are more stable OS's, but with an old Mobo, win98SE
should be fine, just like me.

Have you checked CPU temperatures?

How bout a reinstall of Win98SE

Remember Win98SE is actually a good OS, compared to 95 or ME.  I would use
it for any "older" PC's.  There are still plenty of PC's out there that
would benefit from Win98SE.

Good Luck,

Take Care,

Edward A. Weissbard
El Paso, TX

"Life is easy with eyes closed"
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Re: No display on monitor

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 07:23:32 -0500, rafe b
<> wrote:

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You are 100% wrong.  Of all the possible problems, the
operation system is definitely NOT it.

Re: No display on monitor

kony wrote:
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Years ago I got a forced shotdown utility from the
internet ,and even now I have one in the bottomright
menu, for emergency shutdown,from Shatran Home Page
http//,I do not know if it is still
present , but you could try it.

Re: No display on monitor

On 29 Jan 2006 21:32:22 -0800, wrote:

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What is the history of the system?

Had it been running exactly as configured?  When?  For how
long?  Had it been moved?  Unplugged?  Parts changed?
Cleaned out (dust)?

On a system that age, a general inspection and cleaning is
warranted.  Examine cards, cables, capacitors, fans (for
easy rotation when off or that they're turning when system
is on- including in the power suppy (look in through the
rear of the system).

Check the battery voltage.  Clear CMOS.  Use a multimeter to
check PSU voltages.

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Could be a lot of things, especially on a system that old.
Power or motherboard are still two of the most likely.

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No, unless the CPU fan had stopped working, the processor is
among the least likely problems.  If all else fails then
take out all nonessential parts, leaving only video, 1
memory module, CPU, heatsink/fan.  Disconnect all drives,
other cards, cables, keyboard, mouse, etc.  Retry system.
If the motherboard capacitors look ok and nothing else (see
questions at the top of my post) had changed, I would
suspect the power supply the most.

Re: No display on monitor

Finally I was able to solve this problem by slightly pushing the
processor inside the slot .
It appears that the processor module is slowly coming outside
because of heatsink's fan vibration over a period of time.
When , the processor is again pushed inside the slot ,
the system boots properly with all normal behaviour.
I have verified this for three consecutive days .
Thanks to whoever contributed to this thread .


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