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Working on a Gateway Computer.
The owner tells me the other day he heard beeps on the computer, but
now nothing.

I tried a new PS, took all cards out reseated RAM and CPU.
Still no beeps, no post.  I even took the 2 ram chips out wanting to
hear beeps.  But still none.

Does this sound like the CPU or the MOBO.  
The CPU Fan spins.  The PS is on and the Harddrives are spinning but
not continuing on.  And again NO posts....

Re: No Beeps...

How about the bios back up battery?
If this is duff the machine will just sit there doing nothing, all you
need for bios boot is just the CPU RAM and graphic card... "ok ok, we
need the mobo and power supply as well" :). The rest can be in-plugged
inc. the hard disc drive.

With this, the bare essentials you should be able to boot the bios and
be able to access the bios set up screen if wished...

.. assuming all was well at this stage you would get a message "Please
insert the operating System disc" or "NO hard drive found" or something
similar, it'd let you know one way or the other.

So the first goal is to get the bios booting or Posting (Power On Self
Test) after which you normally get a single bleep, this is when it hands
control over to the CPU and then the hard drive starts to load data into

So we could be looking at the Power supply, Graphic card, CMOS battery,
RAM, CPU and mobo.

When trying to solve these issues it would be better to disconnect all
USB devices, sometimes removing the Graphic card and refitting it sorts
many a problem out...

.. and so does the CPU.... but do leave this as the very last option
in case of damage to the CPU itself or the mobo, besides when ever
removing the CPU it always pays to remove all the old heat sink
material, ensuring both surfaces are spotless and use new heat sink
paste.... heat sink paste is far better than those thermal pads and
helps to keep the CPU a few degrees lower.

Also look out for 'bad caps', bad electrolytic capacitors that has a
domed top instead of flat ones, or caps with gunge leaking out, like
these  'Don Davidson Computer / Bad Capacitors in System Boards'
( )


Re: No Beeps...

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Don't need a graphics card or RAM, just motherboard, power and CPU - the
beeps tell you all you need to know!

However with no beeps, it doesn't matter what you add, there is still
something fundamental broken.

Re: No Beeps...

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:54:33 +0100, "GT"

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Are you certain that a board which won't post without a good
battery, will beep?  I can't be certain about *all* boards,
but I vaguely recall that some don't beep in this scenario.

The OP should also now try clearing CMOS with AC power
disconnected, and examine the motherboard for bad
capacitors.  Presuming the new PSU is a good brand and of
enough current capacity per rail, that nothing else works,
then the odds are the board is bad.

Re: No Beeps...

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I can't comment on that. Not sure what happens if the battery is bad - I
have actually never encountered a PC where the BIOS battery had gone flat.
and I have seen a lot of PCs, including the old Dell I took down from the
loft earlier this year - over 10 years old and the CMOS battery still

Re: No Beeps...

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I suspect the Motherboard. I had a similar problem recently, only instead of
no beeps, I got a constant 'noise' from the speaker. Turned out to be a dead
motherboard (2nd hand from ebay).

Unplug everything from your system, so there are no power drains (to
elliminate overloaded PSU). Connect only the motherboard, CPU and CPU cooler
and system speaker only. No RAM, no GFX, no drives (not even connected to
power). Do you get any beeps? Even if the CPU is fried, the system should
beep to tell you!

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