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hi everybody,

I've a problem with the audio recording.

My Pc is equipped with:
mother board  GA-8SQ800 F4 (Gigabyte) - O.S. :win XP pro - device audio:
Realtek AC97 Audio.

When I try to record my voice , after I've recorded it, I can hear only

In order to record my voice I've used some webcam device equipped with
microphone end single microphone , and then in Control Panel -->>Sound and
Audio Device, I've configured

the record sound default device. When I try "hardware test"  I can see the
movment of the of the level of the sound reproduction bar, but I can hear
only noise!

Could someone help me?

Thank you very much


Re: no audio recording

On Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:05:06 +0100, "Alex"

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Recording your voice with what software?  Often the software
has settings to determine the input line for recording.

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Where exactly are you trying this "hardware test"?

Have you checked Windows Volume Control to ensure the right
configuration there, and/or an equivalent functionality in
the sound card driver application?  

Some systems also switch the mic jack between mic and an
audio output(s), see if your motherboard manual mentions
this or if there is such a setting in your sound driver

Re: no audio recording

Thank you for the answer.
When I go in control Panel -->>Sound and audio device--- under "Voice" there
is "Playing voice" and "voice recording" and then "hardware test", if I push
this button I can check my microphone  hardware, I can adjust the recording
volume level, I can record my voice and then I can hear it.

So, here is where I've tried hardware test, then I've also tried with the
webcam software, and with skype.
But the result is always the same, only noise!
Now I have to find the motherboard manual in the cellar of my house.....

thank you for your help


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tting in your sound driver
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