Newbie question - DLA & DVD-R

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 that I purchased just last April.  Among
other things, it was the first of my computers to have a DVD burner
besudes a separate CD-R burner.  I haven't had much time to tinker with

it, though I did install "Roxio 7" w/the idea of burning some
downloaded avi's to VCD or even DVD.  Unfortunately, I've found
numerous complications.

First off, WinXP won't allow the CD-R and DVD-R to be set to
record-capable at the same time.  Unless a drive is checked off DLA,
then any time I try copy a file onto either the CD or DVD, I get an
error message.  Clicking DLA, I'm then told I have to format the disc.
After formatting, I try to copy the disc - sometimes using WinXP,
sometimes using Nero.  After what seems like a normal burn, I get a
disc that either comes up blank, or won't run at all.  The DVD drive is

an "ATP DD 2 X 16 X 4 X 16"; the CD-R drive is an HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE

Is there any information that a potential answering posting might need
to answer the question.  Responsea are most appreciated.

Re: Newbie question - DLA & DVD-R

I think easy cd creator has issues with xp

Re: Newbie question - DLA & DVD-R

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    ...or was it with NERO that it was having problems?  Wasn't the
solution, in either case, to remove CD Creator?
    Another thing: I think I'd get the DVD-burner working and use it for
both CD AND dvd--assuming it has both capabilities.  s

Re: Newbie question - DLA & DVD-R

I wan't using EasyCD, though I may have the evaluation copy around
somewhere - I was just trying to copy soem avi files from my hard drive
onto a CD-R.  I wasn't trying to make a VCD or DVD, or transcode or
anything (though I had burnt VCD's w/little trouble a few weeks earlier
when I last tried.)  Just cut&paste in the WinXP file manager.

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