Newbie LCD Monitor & Connection ?

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I'm itching to buy a LCD monitor and am in need of help.

My year old Dell Dimension 2400 has an integrated Intel graphics adapter
with a 15-pin connector.

Can I use that same connector to run the LCD digitally with an adapter
cable/adapter device or do I need a new video card?

Any info or links are greatly appreciated.



Re: Newbie LCD Monitor & Connection ?

No.  If you want to drive your new LCD in true digital mode then you'll need
a new video card that has a dedicated digital output (DVI).


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Re: Newbie LCD Monitor & Connection ?

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On one page I found, it says your motherboard has an 845GV chipset.

Notice there is no AGP slot (the 845GV chip is missing the AGP
function, so even soldering a connector to your motherboard won't
fix it). If you want to add a video card, it will have to fit in
a PCI slot.

There are a number of video cards available in PCI format.
I think there is ATI 7000, ATI 9250, Nvidia FX5200, Nvidia FX5500,
Nvidia FX5700LE. I don't think there is a master list anywhere,
of which cards are available in PCI format, and this list is the
best I know of, in terms of verifying DX9 hardware support (the
DX9 hardware support is to try to keep more game software happy):

This is the best one so far, because it has both a VGA and a
DVI connector. It is supposed to have DX9 support in hardware,
which not all cards have. On the minus side, it has a 64
bit wide memory interface (some cards are 128 bits wide).
It has 128MB memory (the odd card has 256MB). I'm surprised
at some of the cards I've seen on Newegg, as a good combination
of the above is missing. (And this card uses a ribbon cable,
to connect the VGA connector to the main PC board, which is
a stupid way to do it - video signals should be kept in a
proper transmission line environment, to avoid reflections
that cause ghosting of the image on the screen. The best
cards connect the VGA and DVI connectors right to the PCB
directly, without an intervening cable.)

I saw a FX5500 with 256MB memory and 128 bit wide memory interface,
but it is missing a DVI connector!

Good luck in your search,


Re: Newbie LCD Monitor & Connection ?

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The 15 pin connector will be fine. DVI will provide a cleaner signal and
picture, but even side by side a lot of folks would have a hard time telling
the difference.

Worry about the quality of the monitor, not the connector.

Re: Newbie LCD Monitor & Connection ? - Thanks

Thanks everyone.
I really appreciate the helpful info.

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