Newbie help required - no BIOS after trying to install RAM

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hi there,

I have an Advent 3416 pc with 512Mb DDR RAM, Pentium 4 2.8GHz

I bought some additional RAM today and tried instaling it.
the standard 512Mb is PC2100 DDR266

the new RAM is 512MB DDR400 PC3200

I entered the BIOS and set it to DDR266 instead of Auto.

this allowed the PC to reboot when the new RAM was put in one of the

the PC did not recognise the extra RAM, so in a bid to get it working
I entered the BIOS again and changed the speed to DDR320 (or whatever
the 300 number is)

when I restarted I just got long beeps and nothing else.
the PC did not start up at all - just long beeps with a pause
does anyone know how I reset the BIOS without being able to enter the
BIOS screen?

also, when in the BIOS (Phoenix-Award) how do I adjust the timings?

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Re: Newbie help required - no BIOS after trying to install RAM

You need to reset your bios - there will be a jumper somewhere on the board
which you move, power on + off, then move the jumper back. That lets you
start again. Put in just one memory module and enter the BIOS and set the
timings to manual, then turn off, add the new module and go back into the
BIOS and make sure the settings are still there.

Make sure you put the slower memory module in the first memory slot so the
computer auto-detects its settings, not the faster module. You might have a
difference in the CAS timings of the two memory modules. If your new module
was a 'cheapy', then it probably has slow timings - check the CAS rating of
both modules (CL2.5 or CL3) and manually set the BIOS to use the slower
(highest number) setting.

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