Newbie emachines 370 upgrade

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Hi all,

some questions from a newbie on how to upgrade an emachines 370

1.  I want to install a DVD writer.  There is a spare Bay but  need to
get the front plastic cover off.  How does this come off, from the
front levering with a screwdriver and breaking it or via the back

2.  How do I access the BIOS to add the extra drive?

thanks for any advice.


Re: Newbie emachines 370 upgrade

In most cases the bios and windows will automatically recognize the drive.
The plastic cover is usually held on with two clasps.  You can gently try to
remove it from the front.  If that doesn' t work, you can should try it from
the back (you need to get in there anyway to install the drive).

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Re: Newbie emachines 370 upgrade

On 28 Nov 2006 05:45:16 -0800, "davy"

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If it looks like the drive rack is inaccessible from the
right side of the case, you will need to take the front
plastic bezel off, disconnect all drives' cables, and pull
the whole drive rack out to install the new optical drive.

While the bezel is off it should be easier to get the blank
plate out.

There should be an f-key <F1> or <F2> ... <F(n)> that'll get
you into the bios but you probably won't need to, it's
probably set to auto-detect new devices.  What it might do
is prompt you that it detected something new and you have to
go into the bios and then exit it (if it autosaves) or save
the settings as they are THEN exit.

Re: Newbie emachines 370 upgrade

davy wrote:
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I'm assuming you have a tower, mid-tower or mini-tower.  Often enough,
the left side panel comes off from a release on the back edge of the PC.
  Once that has been removed, there may be a couple of releases for the
front facia on the tower.  Various schemes are used to mount the drive
in the chassis.  You might even have to remove the right side of the tower.

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You probably won't have to.  If you do need to get into BIOS, you'll
need to hit a particular key on startup.  Some of the keys I have seen
are: F1 and DEL, but I'm sure there are others.  Try to watch the
startup for hints on that.

Re: Newbie emachines 370 upgrade

Thanks All,
for the advice, Davy

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