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I just assembled a new system and installed a ghost drive of my present XP
OS just to get things up and running. I know I have to buy more hardware and
SW for this new system and plan to remove the configuration I have now but
just what happens if I decide to reactivate and use this OS in my new
system. Will my old OS some how become unusable or detected as a clone? I am
referring to and OEM version of XP to begin with and isn't that version non
transferable? Could someone please explain just how this is supposed to


Re: New System Activation

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 00:28:12 -0400, "Newbury"

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How it's supposed to work is you either uninstall it from
the other system first, or don't install on the new one at
all.  The distinction of running it on more than one system
is not one of "are you using it for what you want to do with
it for everyday fully setup uses", it is one of "it is
running in any way, shape or form".

You old OS will not become automatically invalididated to
run BUT you can't update it anymore.  I was about to write
that it will be illegal to keep using on it on the original
system but that is incorrect, it is still legal on that
system but not on the new one.  I'm not trying to be
Microsoft's Police Force here, just telling you what their
license "usually" disallows.

You can't just buy a retail XP and use the license to run
the OEM-transferred-over installation either, the necessary
license key won't work and you won't have a unique product
ID.  You can't just "decide to use it for new system",
legally, and you will probably have to call them to get it
(try to) activated.  AT that point, unless you conceal that
it's an OEM version for another system, they will not
activate you.  If you did conceal that information, you are
then more actively breaking their EULA (though technically
you had already done so).

So, how it's supposed to work is that you can't transfer
over the OEM installation at all.  MS has decided that they
will make customers go through the entire reinstallation
process again if windows isn't exact same version
(variation, including OEM vs Corp vs Retail, Home or Pro).
There might be ways around that, things technically possible
but legally questionable.  You're on your own if you go that

Re: New System Activation

kony wrote:
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 What you indicate all sounds correct and proper and I am sure you are
right. I have no intentions of attempting to steal SW BUT....This does not
seem to be holding true in this case. Just for the sake of conversation what
appears to be going on is that when I used the OS from the old system to run
in the new one I got a popup notice each time and often while I was setting
up that I had three days to activate.  This I eventually did as I decided
that I would place a new OS in the old system when and if I decided to keep
it. This is an OEM version of XP that seems to be working fine as I just
installed SP2. Now it seems that I might have an improperly installed OS but
I might just keep it for the sake of ease.
 I also accessed windows update with the old system running the same copy of
XP and was not refused. Now it appears I am running illegally which seems to
be contrary to all that has been posted. Not to fear as I do not intend to
continue to operate above the law and will install two OSes in the proper
fashion when it becomes convenient. Ya, I know I'm a baaaad boy but I don't
see it that way if I chose to do this in a testing mode. Thanks for your


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