New (sort of) monitor troubles

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Old monitor died. It was Dell brand Trinitron CRT.

I have tried two different monitors that I know have worked with other
dell brand computers very recently (I have a dimension 8200).

One is an apple brand and the other is a sharp lcd flat screen ll-173c-
b that shipped with a different but similar dell.

My computer has nvidia geforce mx/mx400 videocard. I think it was

On reboot, the initial setup info come up clearly but then the screen
goes black. The sharp monitor says no signal, the power light remains
green on the Apple CRT.

I can start up computer and boot all the way to windows with either
monitor in safe mode or VGA mode. That is how I am working right now.

If I adjust the screen resolution to more than 640x480 or turn on
hardware acceleration the signal is lost and the picture doesn't
return. I have tried rebooting the computer many times and no signal
except in safe and VGA modes.

The nvidia drivers were up to date, I went to sharp and download their
monitor driver package.

I tried installing the monitor driver package while in VGA mode. It
came back back with a severe error "no VGA device".

I tried windowsxp add new hardware control panel and it didn't find
any deices. I went to the monitor panel of the device manager and had
the plug and play monitor search for new drivers. It found the sharp
monitor and successfully install drivers for it.

Still no luck, it won't come up in regular mode, just VGA and safe

So that is where I am am now. Any suggestions?

Re: New (sort of) monitor troubles

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I'd try updating the video card drivers; clean out the old ones first with
DriverCleaner or similar.  If you are using the same monitor cable for all
of the monitors, then I would try a new monitor cable.

 If that brings you no joy, then try swapping out the card with a different


Re: New (sort of) monitor troubles wrote:
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If your PC has onboard video in addition to your card, disable it.  I
had these exact same symptoms when I recently put a PCI video card into
a Pentium 4 machine with onboard video.

Re: New (sort of) monitor troubles

On Wed, 24 Dec 2008 05:08:07 -0800 (PST),

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After you have the sharp monitor driver installed, check the
refresh rates, it seems like you are losing signal because
the monitors can't accept the higher refresh rate the system
was previously using.  Also verify that you have the correct
monitor driver (INF file) for that monitor, it should be set
to 60Hz until you know for sure it can support more than
that (and it needs no more than that being an LCD).

Re: New (sort of) monitor troubles wrote:

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I have a feeling an .INF file for a different monitor is causing the
video card to set the vertical refresh rate to 90-200 Hz.  Manually
configure Windows for a monitor that supports a maximum vertical
refresh rate of only 60-70 MHz.

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