New Ram.. help?

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Hello there!

I'm thinking about purchasing the CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB 184-Pin DDR
Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) for my computer within the next few
days. The price
on newegg is $80 which is within my budget =)

This is my computer specs:

Model: MS-7060
OS: XP Home
Processor: Pentium 4, 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 512 Ram
HD: 160g
Video Card: 6600 GT
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Sound: Realtek AC97 Audio


This is my motherboard:

It should work fine correct? Worried about what someone said however,

"Your mainboard has only 2 DIMM slots. The SiS chipset seems to not
dual channel memory, so you may have 1 or 2 DIMMs installed. If it's
you'll have to remove one or both to upgrade."

Could somebody enlighten me? Thanks for your time =)


Re: New Ram.. help?

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 20:51:42 +0000, Darunia

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What that means is since 512MB could be one 512MB module, or
2 x 256MB modules, to add another module you would need
remove one of those already installed, if you had the 2 x
256MB in it already.  

The part of the comment about "seems to not support dual
channel" is fairly irrelevant, as even a dual channel board
might not have two modules installed, just ignore that
comment as it's not really applicable in a factual way
rather than a best-case-scenario, in that if your board did
support dual channel, there would be a performance benefit
in having 2 x 256MB modules rather than 1 x 512MB module.

Generally speaking the module should work, though in some
situations a motherboard becomes closer to instability the
more memory you add... just run memtest86+ for several hours
after installing the new module, before booting the
operating system.

You might first check MSI's website for bios upgrade notes-
if you're not running the most recent bios and any newer
bios suggest improved memory compatiblity or stability you
might want to upgrade the bios before adding the memory.

Re: New Ram.. help?

Quoted text here. Click to load it
DDRSDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) for my computer within the next
fewdays. The price on newegg is $80 which is within my budget =)
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That is a single channel controller. With single channel
controllers, the fewer slots that are used, the faster
the memory channel can be run. By only using two DDR
DIMM slots on your board, the DIMMs can run at DDR400.

You can see from this advert, that another board using 661FX
Northbridge chip, only offers "single channel" memory. I can also
tell by looking at a picture of the motherboard, that the DIMMs
on the board are in a single channel layout. See the mention
of "Single channel architecture" here:

For the memory DIMM itself, there is no difference between
a DIMM packaged by itself, or two DIMMs put in a package as
a matched set. They all use the same kind of memory chips.
What that means is, in your single channel motherboard, if
you wanted to use a 2x1GB dual channel kit of memory, you
could, because the DIMMs don't know if they are in a single
channel or dual channel motherboard. A DIMM slot is just
a DIMM slot. In other words, you don't have to shop for
any special "single channel RAM", because there is no such

(When using a dual channel motherboard, matching the DIMMs
makes it easier for the motherboard BIOS to set up the
parameters for the memory. For example, some of the Asus
Athlon64 motherboard BIOS, are poorly coded and don't handle
the detection of similar memory very well. Using matched
sets of RAM, where the SPD in the DIMMs contains the exact
same parameter information, can help poorly coded BIOS
programs. For most chipsets to run in a dual channel
mode, the rows, columns, banks, and ranks dimensions of the
module have to match, but you should, in principle, be
able to do that with two different brands of memory.)

You may purchase a 1GB DIMM, and use it along with one of your
other existing DIMMs. If the motherboard has an adjustment for
the DIMM voltage, increasing it above the nominal 2.5V level,
will improve stability. A value like 2.7V or 2.75V should
help. (You can test memory with memtest86+ from -
that tester is very thorough, and tests _all_ of the memory,
which is something no Windows tester can do. A Windows tester
needs room for the OS, and that space is untested.)

For example:

     Slot1  1GB DIMM
     Slot2  256MB DIMM

If you get a copy of Everest Home Edition (free download from ), you can learn more about your machine, and what
is currently plugged into it. is also
a tool that can be used, for learning about the computer.

If buying a 1GB DIMM, I suggest getting a DIMM that uses 64Mx8
chips. There will be cheaper DIMMs, which are not constructed
with those chips, but they can be more trouble than they are

I could not find an authoritative reference to the construction
of the ValueSelect RAM, but this advert claims that 64Mx8
chips are used, so it should be OK.

You can get help with Corsairmicro products here. This is
the official Corsairmicro support forum. Use the "search"
menu item, and enter VS1GB400C3 to get more examples like this:

Note that the staff at the Corsairmicro forum, will not
give more technical detail about their products, than is
stated on the official Corsairmicro web page. So it is a
waste of time to ask them, for example, what brand of chips
are on the DIMMs. If you go to a private forum, and ask there,
another customer who has used the product, may be able to help
with information like that.


Re: New Ram.. help?

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You have one 512mb stick of PC3200 in one slot and want to add another to
increase your RAM to 1gb? It should work okay. Differant memory runs at
differant timings so install the RAM and when you boot up go into the Bios
select default or safe settings. Test your PCs stability either with Memtest
as Kony says or be playing a game for an hour straight (the fun approach) -
something demanding like Call of Duty 2 or Quake 4.

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