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I built my last set of computers about 3 years ago. My main machine (on a
home network) has and Intel 850 EMVR system Board and a 3.07 GHz P4
processor with 1.536 MB of RAM. The machine runs very well and there really
is still no need for me to upgrade (I do a lot of office stuff, but I am not
a gamer). However, I have the great urge to build a new machine and my
problem is that I no longer know what is current in terms of Motherboards
and processors. Cost is not a factor, I would like to build a super fast
machine with a lot of bells and whistles. If anyone can give me basic
machine suggestions at this point or point me to the most current sites to
get this information, I would appreciate it...


S. Robert Davidoff, DMD, FACP
Boca Raton, Florida

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my thoughts precisely..............

I would love a machine that could get me to the BSD instantaneously rather
than in the midst of a valuable project.

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Robert Davidoff wrote:
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By all means go with the X2...
I recently built one using the X2-3800 which was the cheapest X2 avail
and it's a great machine.

If cost is really no object for you...get one of the faster ones.

You might was well go with XP_64  but if you have some non-supported
devices you may want to install XP_32 first and dual boot.

(You might as well install Linux too)

Oh . BTW when you get it up and running...
you might as well send me your old junker P4 <G>

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On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 09:16:42 -0400, "Robert  Davidoff"

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If cost isnt a severe constraint on your new project then you might
want to wait. The M2s the new AMD chips which need new types
motherboards and DDR2 memory are slated to come out according to
article a few months from now. For the avg person the cost is usually
ridiculous when a new series of chips come out and a whole new wave of
motherboards etc. so its not really worth it if you want the best
performance with the lowest prices.

According to the buzz INTEL is ready to come with some super fast
killer chips that are a fair amount faster than the fastest AMDs out
now. Itll probably cost a small fortune though. And AMD is switching
to DDR2 with a new line of chips. The problem so far according to
previews is the M2 seems to be a transition chip series so far.
Anandtech says hes refrained from hyping the new AMDs because they
seem really early rough versions of the board and chip, He also says
AMD which rung out tons of performance with the old DDR memory and the
AMD 64 /X2 line seems to be switching to DDR2 with the M2 line to get
ready for the time newer processors will need such memory chips but
the M2s hes testing seem like its just their transition stage. In fact
the early preview boards and chips were even as fast as the current
939 platforms he claims. I was reading a recent test and he says with
various adjustments they are now running slightly ahead of the 939
platform though by a hair.

So if things play out as they seem like they will at the moment ----
INTEL will recapture the performance crown and probably all the hype
until AMD comes out with a chip with whole new architecture which may
be in 2007 rather than the first M2s that might be released ,
according to Anandtech in a recent article.

If you have to get one now a nforce4 board or SLI board, you can get a
loaded one now for 100 bucks though there are still some boards in the
150-200 range. I would go with a 100-110 board cause you can get good
ones that are really loaded now and  as I mentioned the M2s and new
Intels are slated to come out over the next few months or early next
year so I wouldnt spend a ton of money that I didnt have to on a
system that will only plunge in value as the new stuff comes out.
Right now you can get some fantastic stuff for cheap so theres no
point in paying premiums on gear that has a really lousy price to
performance ratio.

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Robert  Davidoff wrote:
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Can I have your old machine? Pretty please :) You can even keep the
hard drives to make HIPAA happy.

On a serious note, don't let the old one collect dust, donate it to a
worthy cause (or person). A machine in that class, that WORKS is super
rare to see somebody part with. Most P4s, and fast machines in general
that have come through the nonprofit computer refurbisher and  recycler
I work at all have some serious issue, that is only fixable about half
the time. Mostly what I get is P2 or P3, they almost always work.

Re: New Project

Old machines never die... They are either added to my home or office network
or replace a machine that is really done for or, as in the case of this
particular P4, go to one of my relatives or friends... This one goes to my

S. Robert Davidoff, DMD, FACP
Boca Raton, Florida
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Re: New Project

Robert Davidoff wrote:
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Hi dad <G>

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