New PC doesn't boot, emits high pitched noise

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ello, my girlfriend ordered PC parts from Newegg, slapped it together.
She has some experience building PCs, as do I, but I wasn't available to
assist. Since my vehicle is dead, I can't physically be there to
troubleshoot her PC, and now she's just frustrated that it won't start.

These are the parts ordered

Asus P5N-MX Motherboard
2x 1gig Team Elite RAM DDR2 800
LogicSys case w/ 450W PSU
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
500g Western Digital drive
2x 120mm Rosewill fans

She says that it won't boot (i.e. no video signal to the monitor) and
that the lights come on inside the PC, but it makes a high pitched, loud
whining noise (like a sustained beep.)

Any thoughts?

Re: New PC doesn't boot, emits high pitched noise

vordrax wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Check that the ATX12V 2x2 square connector, is connected to the
power plug near the processor (upper right corner of picture).
The proper plug, has two *yellow* wires and two *black* wires.
Look in the motherboard manual, and verify that the yellow
wires mate with the 12V pins of the ATX12V plug. The plastic
latches should be aligned as well.

Check that the main 24 pin power is plugged in.

Verify that the high pitched whine, is not coming from the
power supply itself. Such a whine may be caused by an overload
and current limiting.

An Asus motherboard would be completely quiet (if the processor
cannot POST and cannot read any BIOS code). Or, it will use
one of a couple beep codes. The beep codes consist of
beeps, followed by a period of silence, and then the
beep code repeats. A steady whine is not in its
repertoire :-)

The motherboard has integrated video, so there is no need for
a video card during the initial testing period. It has a
VGA connector - if the monitor is DVI only, then that would be
a problem requiring a video card.

The chipset heatsink may get a little hot, unless it is receiving
some airflow from the CPU cooling fan.


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