New nforce drivers for Nforce4 Ultra chipsets - causing BSODs on my board

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Dont really know if its general or peculiar to my Chaintech VNF4 board
but it causes intermittent reboots/BSODs usually but not always when
Im transfering lots of data between hard disks.  This strangely
happens after 30 min or 1-2 hours. Sometimes even longer but Ive been
reformatting all my HDs and reinstalling WIN XP PRO with SP2 and added
a Seagate 160 gig I just got.

It started with the addition of the seagate but I think thats a
coincidence though it could possibly be over stressing my power supply
who knows - 4 hard disks, 2 burners, 800XL  on a 400 watt antec.

The other different thing I did was start using a new nforce driver
released Mar 17 I think or so from their site. Before I used the old
ones that came with the board.  Ive read other posts on the net where
people say theyve had problems with various nvidia drivers and I had
some with my 6800 graphics card - minor ones a few months ago.

Ive also seen and this has been claimed all along that the IDE drivers
for the nforce are flakey on some systems so some say they never use
them and when you install the nvidia platform drivers it asks you if
you want to install them. Also people with various boards have claimed
problems with each new driver release.

I cant be sure until I run them for a few days but it hasnt rebooted
or had a BSOD so for for over a day with the old drivers included the
IDE nvidia drivers.

Another thing - I flashed the bios with WIN FLASH to see if that would
fix it ( it didnt with the new nvidia drivers) and it was hair
raising.  Everything went as planned but when I rebooted it seemed
dead and kept beeping over and over and over.  I  spent another hour
steaming mad planning to send the board back or get a new bios chip
but after clearing the CMOS everything was fine.

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