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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a motherboard, but I know very little about the  
different chipsets, so I could do with some help.

Basically, I'm building a system that will have an Intel C2 Duo E6850  
(1333FSB with a Socket 775 connector) for 165. For this FSB I  
understand I need PC2-5300 RAM (by the way, what FSB would PC2-8500  
support?), so I'll probably get 2GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500  
for just under 100.

Out of a budget of 500 that leaves me with ~340.

The next thing is a motherboard for this CPU and RAM, so I've given what  
I'm looking for below:

My first priority is one that fully supports this setup and the FSB  
required obviously! :)

Secondly, I want to be able to upgrade to a fast quad core (like those  
above 3GHz that are ridiculously expensive at the moment) when they come  
down in price, so how far will everyone's favourite chipsets let me upgrade?

I may also be upgrading my graphics card, though I'm aware this is  
likely to go over my budget so it won't happen straight away! If this is  
the case, so I need to look at getting an SLI board? I play a decent  
amount of games (especially when my PC is new and fast!) so I might want  
to take advantage of this later if this is where all graphics cards are  

I've got an AGP graphics card (Radeon 9600 Pro) at the moment, so will  
there be any AGP slots on any motherboard I buy? If not I would rather  
buy a PCI-Express graphics card then put up with an old motherboard that  
won't cope with an upgrade.

Finally, I expect to only be running a single hard drive (which I  
haven't chosen yet, so any recommendations with everyone's favourite  
motherboard would be appreciated), so I don't need some crazy RAID setup  
or anything, but can I expect the latest boards to have the right  
connectors for today's and the future's (short term future that is) hard  

Kind Regards,


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Matt wrote:
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Best not to crosspost so much next time.  


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