New Motherboard Power Requirements?

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I'm thinking of upgrading my system.  I'm going to get an MSI
motherboard from here:

My current PSU is a Nexus Real Silent 350W.

Will my PSU work with the new motherboard?  Do new motherboards have
different power connectors?  How can I check this myself?

Re: New Motherboard Power Requirements?

On 19 Nov 2006 14:09:09 -0800, wrote:

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Yes, while the board appears to have the 24 pin connector it
should work with your present PSU.

More significant is what else you might put in the system,
if the additional load of other parts then begins to exceed
the capacity of a 350W PSU.  IF this page is an accurate
representation of your PSU,
then it's good for about 17A total on 12V rail (the more
heavily taxed rail ) (calculated from total max minus 3V+5V
max, [335W - 130W] / 12V  = 17A) which is not beefy by
today's standards, but still sufficient for a basic system
so long as you don't have a lot of HDDs or a higher end
gaming video card.

As for checking it yourself, if you squint and use your
imagination, you can see the m'board has the 24 pin and 2x2,
4 pin 12V connectors.  Your PSU has either a 20 or 24 pin
connector but even if 20 pin the last 4 pins are somewhat
redundant (unless you had an unusually large load of
additional parts connected, the amperage demand is lower
than what can be supplied with a 20 pin connector).

Re: New Motherboard Power Requirements?

Thanks for the detailed response Tony.

I'm surprised the retailers don't provide more detailed information on
these parts.  I guess that's why building PC's is for techies.

Anyway, I think I'll but the bits and see if it all slots together.
Otherwise I'll have to bite the bullet and get a new PSU as well.  My
system will be fairly basic so if it'll slot together I think the PSU
will suffice.

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