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Do you know if an older power supply will work with the new motherboards?
My current motherboard is a Asus P4G800 I was thinking of going to a board
like you have Asus P6T Deluxe.  I have an Antec 500 watt power supply.  Did
add a new cable to the motherboard?

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Re: New Motherboard older Power Supply

On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 17:30:37 -0500, "Crow T Robot"

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It depends on which old PSU, and what else is in the system
besides the new motherboard.

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... which is a detail in your favor because it used 12V for
the CPU power regulation.  This means most likely the PSU
can be reused, assuming it is still in good working order.
Some Antec PSU used poor capacitors that would wear out in a
few years but if it was formerly working fine it should
still be working fine with only a board switch.

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The 4 pin 12V power connector will need to be used, this is
not a problem providing you don't use one of the most power
hungry CPUs or overclock it a lot.

It should work ok providing you are not using a very power
hungry high-end gaming video card or powering several hard
drives, and in these situations it might still work ok but
is becoming marginal in capacity.

If you describe all the major parts in the proposed system
someone may be able to come closer to what PSU capacity is
required, and if you post the exact model of Antec PSU then
that can be compared against the required capacity.

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