new mobo, random freezing

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My rents had problems with their old motherboard and power supply (I
think the old power supply somehow burned out their old mobo), I
replaced both. It worked fine for the first day and I had to get back
home (I live 6 hours away from them). Immediately after, the computer
randomly froze on them... no blue screen, no ability to do
ctrl+alt+del... it just stopped. I told them not to touch it until I
got back to their house.

A month past and I came to try it out again - using it for a whole day
(9am til 10pm) with no problems at all. I even tried running a lot of
programs at once and did not freeze.

However, the next day, when I turned it on, it froze 15 minutes within
logging into XP. I restarted the computer and it froze with 5 minutes
of using it. And I restarted again... and it froze even sooner. I think
this is a critical pattern, but I don't know what exactly to think of

My assumption is that it has to do with the thermal grease. I took cpu
from the old mobo, with original grease on it, and popped it into the
new mobo. The power supply is the same exact model, while the mobo is
different. I'm assuming if any caps are burnt, it wouldn't work at all.

Any takes on the situation?


Re: new mobo, random freezing

On 28 Dec 2005 19:25:53 -0800,

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What exactly where they doing at the time?
I know, been awhile and they probably won't have precise
recollection at this point, maybe not even the terminology
to convey more details... you might check Event Viewer
(presuming windows 2k or xp?) and/or any files created or
modified at that date to get a better idea of what the
system was doing, "maybe".

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Often when a system freezes sooner each subsequent boot,
it's overheating.  Check temps, and while checking things,
voltages too- with a multimeter if possible.

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It would be good to know the specifics of these parts, makes
models brands, PSU wattage, CPU speed, memory, video, etc

Capacitors can degrade and a system will still somewhat
functrion, depending on how badly degraded.  They can short
and prevent system from turning on at all too, but since the
new build hasn't been used long, I'd tend to suspect
something else, as even poor caps will tend to work for
awhile, if system worked at all initially which it did.

Check all fans

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