New memory but sound fails, why?????

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I wonder if someone has an answer as to why replacing the original
memory card on a computer (NEC Valuestar VL55005D) would cause the
sound to go? I did have to install a new driver for the Windows XP I'm
running to get it to work in the first place because the Windows
drivers didn't recognize my  Yamaha sound card. But then it worked. And
the driver was was still there when I powered up after installing the
two 512 MB DIMMS. I even reinstalled it to make sure. I had to put the
original 256 MB card back with one new 512 MB to get the sound back.
The speed rating for the cards was a little higher than recommended for
my machine, PC 2700 instead of 2100. Don't know if that makes a

Anyway, if anyone has an answer or solution, I'd appreciate it, because
I'd love to put the other 512 back in the machine; it made it much


Re: New memory but sound fails, why?????

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 16:56:11 -0700, Rosemary thoughtfully wrote:

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Well, something moved with the new memory.  Although I've heard of sound
card problems this is new.  

Try completely removing the sound drivers from WinXP, reboot to safe mode,
reboot normally and install the new drivers.   Also, you could move the
sound card to a different pci slot.

Re: New memory but sound fails, why?????

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Some motherboard chipsets are limited to 512MB max total memory,
even though the individual slots can hold more. What chipset is on
the board ?

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Re: New memory but sound fails, why?????

Thanks for your replies!

I don't think I feel confident enough to change the sound card, but
maybe after a bit of research I could find it. I'm hesitant to fool
around with the drivers after all the trouble I've had with them in the
past, especially since everything is working now, BUT I do have a
second partition running a bare bones Win XP so I might try
experimenting on that.

I checked the maximum memory with the specs sheet, which I have for my
model. It can handle two 512 cards. I 'm thinking, if anything, it may
be that the cards weren't specifically the ones that NEC recommended
and perhaps the fact that I put two faster ones in made it run too
fast. From what I understand, with one 2100 in there the speed will be
held to that. How that could possibly affect the sound though, I don't

That, or could the original card have been modified in some way that
affects the sound? It's a weird problem, for sure.

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