New LCD Monitor - VERY shaky/fuzzy. Help!

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Ok, so its not really "new" its old, i got it off this guy that sells
monitors on ebay. I bought from him a Viewsonic Viewpanel 15" LCD TFT
Monitor. In his auction photos the monitor seemed fine, nice pictures
etc. Feedback great, seems to sell monitors only.

Well today it came and when i first plugged it in and from the boot
screen it was VERY shaky the picture. Once windows xp loaded it seemed
to calm down a little but still shaky. I changed the resolution to the
recommended resolution - on his ebay auction it said this was 800x600 @
60hz, so i tried that but the monitor became even more shaky. On the
manufacturers site it says the monitors optimal settings are 1024x768 @
60hz (resolution exactly what i wanted), i did this yet its still very

Now the image is permanently extremely shaky. I tried more or less every
resolution/refresh rate combination yet the shakyness doesn't seem to

Is there anyway to fix it, or is there a problem with the monitor? In
the past with my normal monitors, when this happened it was a case of
incorrect resolutions, once corrected they'd run fine, but with this
monitor, no matter what resolution i tried the problem still exists.

I have a Geforce4 MX 440 graphics card, if that helps.

I took some pictures of the problem if that helps, weird thing is its
fuzzy from the second i boot up (which has never happened to me with any
kind of monitor).

(Please note, that to the naked eye these icons are a hell of a lot more
fuzzier and unviewable, camera was able to take a quick shot i think,
cause i could hardly see the icons)

Heres a pic of the monitor:

The guy told me to post it back and if he sees the problem does exist
he'll refund me my money of a total of 38 which includes the postage
(good price, only problem originally stated was power button was a
little flimsy, just have to press it gently). I have to send it back
which costs me 12 though, and if he manages to get it working i'm
guessing he's not gonna refund me the full amount, which is why i'm
posting here to ask.....

is there any wayto fix this?

BTW, i've tried it on this computer which has a nvidia geforce4 mx440
(64mb version) my second pc with a ATI Card and my dell laptop, all with
the same problem.

Upon testing it a bit more, the best i've managed to get out of the
monitor was at 800x600 @ 85hz but the image quickly became VERY bad.
From online documentation it seems the monitor is supposed to work best
at 1024x768 @ 60hz - but at this setting the monitor is TERRIBLE!!


Re: New LCD Monitor - VERY shaky/fuzzy. Help!

That monitor looks fubar to me... What does it do when you turn off the PC?
There should be some kind of "No Signal" message that pops up. If that is
shaky then you definately have a bad unit.

I'd try another outlet somewhere else in the house to verify power and
ground are good.

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Re: New LCD Monitor - VERY shaky/fuzzy. Help!

When i turn the PC off or anything like that, the messages such as "no
signal" on the LCD monitor are clear and normal. I tried the 800x600 @
60hz setting again and it worked for a while with slight shakyness, but
then slowly became bad, to very bad. I tried it in different locations,
yet i still get the problem unfortunately.

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Re: New LCD Monitor - VERY shaky/fuzzy. Help!

I'd suspect the cable. Not likely the PC, but possible.

Can you try with a different cable or different computer?

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