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I'm looking for a new laptop for work. I need to land under 1000 (UK) with
VAT and I need:

Need at least 80GB Hard Disk.
Need at least 512MB Ram, ideally 1024MB.

Processor - I need advice. I have not followed processor development for the
last 6-12 months and there seems to be loads of new processors now. Athlon,
Sempron, Athlon 64, Athlon 64x2, Centrino Duo, Pentium M, Pentium 370 etc
plus a few others I have forgotten. It looks like the Core Due and the
Athlon 64 or 64x2 are the powerhouses at the moment, but what would you all
advise? I need the computer to compile code as quickly as possible (Visual
Studio .Net - not sure if it would use multi-core or not) and run the
occasional 3D hungry game in the evening.

I need decent screen. Not bothered about widescreen, but I need vertical
height of at least 1000 pixels.
I need reasonable graphics. As already said, the machine is used for
business and pleasure, so I run a few games that require 3D power. Is Radeon
Mobile 1300 / 1400 any good? Is there much difference in performance between

Battery life is not important to me.
Weight is not important. - laptop will be carried on occasion trips, but
normally just from house to car to office.

I have found the Dell Inspiron 6400 or 9400 with the processor up to
Centrino Duo 2.0GHz. Memory up to 1024. HD up to 100GB. Screen upgrade
(1400x1050 on Inspiron 6400 and 1920x1200 on Inspiron 9400) and graphics
card upgrade to X1400, but it comes in at nearly 1200. Have found similar
on eBay for around 1000, but can anyone suggest an alternative laptop of
similar spec?

Thanks for all help in advance,

Re: New laptop recommendations...

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You could have a look at what higrade have got on offer (their mid end stuff
has a 2 year waranty IIRC). I'm pleased with the one I got from them 4 years
ago although I don't know how their current range compares with others. You
can customise basic models on their site to get what you want.

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