New HDD for Sony Vaio

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Hi all. I have a Vaio VGN-NR10E laptop which needs a new internal hard
disk. Could anyone recommend some good compatible drives? I was hoping
to pay less than around 80 GBP as not that much space is needed (even
60GB would be adaquate).

The current drive, that died, was listed in device manager as a "Hitachi
HTS541616J9SA00 ATA Device".


Re: New HDD for Sony Vaio

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opps sorry Googling seems to think the HTS541616J9SA00 drive IS SATA not
ATA, you sure it did not say SATA,

Re: New HDD for Sony Vaio

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60Gb might be unavailable but 80 or 120's or even 160's are OK and cheap

just make sure you select ATA/IDE and NOT SATA.

Re: New HDD for Sony Vaio

JW wrote:
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The reviews for your original drive, note some lifetime problems. So you probably
would not want to buy another one of those. It is a 2.5" SATA by the way,
so there should be plenty of stuff to substitute with. It is a 5400 RPM.

You can verify SATA by looking at the connector. There is an example of
a SATA connector pattern on the left of this photo. 7 pins data, 15 pins power.

Things I would check.

1) Reputation. Look at reviews for the various brands of drives. Newegg has
    reviews, so you can see which drive has more or fewer DOAs or early

2) Check the manufacturer site for power consumption. That is one way you can
    compare the drives, to see if one uses more power than another. If your
    laptop is poorly cooled, then selecting a lower power drive will help.

3) Check dimensions. When buying computer components, nobody likes surprises.
    I don't expect there is a surprise in store here, but check anyway. Of the
    dimensions, two are likely standard (as defined for a 2.5" drive), but the
    thickness might vary with platter count. Maybe all the drives are 9.5 mm,
    but I didn't look at all the entries on Newegg to verify that.

This is an interesting comment -

   "too hot

    Pros: It works. it's quiet.

    Cons: It's way too hot. My Lenovo 3000 V100 with this HD is so much hotter
    the original Hitachi HD that came OEM. Just about unbearable on my lap. I'm
    to guess my laptop is 20 degrees F hotter than the Hitachi.

    I thought a larger capacity, slow spinning disk would mean less hot. But it's
    actually hotter. What an annoying con. I can barely stand resting my hands
on my
    laptop while typing this it's so hot."

When I look at the power numbers for that drive, it doesn't look out of the
ordinary. What should happen, is volts * amps = power in watts. The idle number
appears to be wrong:  5 * 0.400 = 2 watts idle, not 0.85 watts as listed. The
attempts at multiplication appear to be OK. It is hard to believe a drive with a
2 watt dissipation, would make the top of the laptop that much hotter. So
maybe that particular drive was defective.

    5 VDC
    Read/Write    500 mA
    Idle    400 mA
    Standby    50 mA
    Sleep    20 mA

    Power Dissipation
    Read/Write    2.50 Watts
    Idle    0.85 Watts
    Standby    0.25 Watts
    Sleep    0.10 Watts

Have fun,

Re: New HDD for Sony Vaio

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  Something that runs cooler and uses less power and is
not damaged by movement or normal impacts:


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