New GeForce 7800GS AGP? Or upgrade to PCIe

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I need to upgrade my video card.  I got a 24" flatpanel and my current
video card doesn't support 1920x1200 with the DVI input (I'm using
analog VGA for now).

I noticed there are some AGP video cards still coming on the market but
is it worth it to just upgrade my motherboard to PCIe?  I need to
upgrade my power supply anyways so maybe I should just go for it.

Re: New GeForce 7800GS AGP? Or upgrade to PCIe

On 9 Feb 2006 20:12:46 -0800, wrote:

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There are factors like how tight is your budget etc. For some people
an extra 30-100 is a big deal to others its nothing.

Also Im starting to see lower prices for many PCI Express versions of
cards that may offset the price of the MB a little.  If you are going
to buy a 7800GT seems like you light as well get a PCI express. I dont
even remember if they make that in AGP format though Im sure they do.
Later on if you sell it itll probably be easier in PCI express format.
They had a deal several times where they were giving away a free
motherboard eVGA brand I think with the 7800GT at Newegg. Have no idea
when they will again though. I heard it was similar to the Chaintech
VNF4 which I have.  

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