New DVD-R/W crashes Windows

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A friend bought a Samsung DVD writer to replace his aging Sony  
but couldn't get it to work properly. So he brought his computer  
but I'm not having much success either. The new drive is a  
Samsung SH-S223 and shows up in Device Manager.

Computer details: Sempron 64 2800+, MSI K8NGM-V mobo, 1GB DDR400,  
160GB Seagate PATA, PCI TV tuner, PCI Firewire card. Win XP SP3.

Symptoms: The new DVD drive is detected in BIOS and shows up in  
My Computer. Disc title (CD and DVD) is displayed, but the  
computer always crashes when attempting to view the contents. The  
disk activity light flashes once per second all the time. The  
flashing stops if the new drive is disconnected.

The old drive can still read CDs and works normally. The new  
drive works perfectly with my own computer.

This is what I've tried -
Removed TV tuner and Firewire cards
Disconnected existing DVD drive
Uninstalled tuner driver
Uninstalled Daemon Tools virtual drive
Reinstalled a Ghost backup of the OS drive, backed up a few  
months ago after a fresh installation with drivers and other  
Cleared the BIOS and checked the battery
Manually set PIO and DMA modes

None of the above works and the symptoms remain exactly the same.

Things are slightly better in Safe Mode. The access light still  
flashes but I can view the contents of discs, but Windows  
Explorer sometimes reports an error while browsing the contents.  
Autorun CDs fail to initialize and sometimes crashes Windows even  
in Safe Mode.

What else can I do?
Resolve possible IRQ conflict (I'm a bit hazy about this)?
Look for new mobo driver?
Flash the BIOS?
Please let me know if I've left out relevant info.  

Re: New DVD-R/W crashes Windows

pawihte wrote:
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I'd go to the Samsung site and download the latest ASPI driver for your
drive. /

They list 4 different models of your SH-S223 drive "F, Q, B, and L" so take
a good look at the labels and such and make sure you pick the exact model as
you go down thru their menu's.  They mention to download and use the latest
ASPI driver if your existing one is corrupted or you are having installation

Good luck

Re: New DVD-R/W crashes Windows

pawihte wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know if this will help you, but check the ribbon cable
type. Ribbon cables come in 40 wire and 80 wire type. The 80 wire
ones use thinner wires. On the 80 wire cable, every second wire
is a ground signal, giving improved signal quality. If the problem
is signal integrity, I'd try a modern 80 wire cable and see if it

It could always be an issue with the info the drive is sending,
so it could be some other problem.

I got all my 80 wire cables, back when retail hard drives
came in a box, and included a cable with each drive. Those
cables are great, for replacing the 40 wire cables that come
with the motherboard.


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